Russian speaking pilots / Топик русскоязычных пилотов


Font: Arial


:ru: must be what you were looking for.

Infinity: Battlescape update changed the default English font, which now also supports the Cyrillic (:ru: :kazakhstan: :bulgaria: :mongolia:) typeface.


Hi, I didn’t find. Where is Russian localization? There are English, German and Chinese. And the servers are still empty.


I downloaded your file with the extension .csv, manually created the ru file in the folder with the game installed in Localization and put your file there (localizations), tried to replace the en folder with the file, the miracle didn’t happen, or the text generally disappears, or it also english.


You also need the meta.xml file beside Strings.csv. Game version doesn’t matter for meta.xml, you can take the one here too:

I’ve updated the installation process within Internationalization thread:


It doesn’t work, I already guessed about the Meta configuration file, I ruled it myself with pens, installed it in all the language folders, or nothing. According to your advice, if I paste your files into the English folder, then an error flies out, it’s good that I saved all the copies :slight_smile: Error on error. So Crookedly written, something you have.


I restored all the files of the Game, by checking the integrity, took steps to Russification, it gives an error, as soon as I delete the folder with the Russifier, the error disappears.


I found what the error is, your translation is outdated, you have fewer lines, so the game gives an error.


Currently working on localization. Picking another font as well. “Impact” looks better.


Готово. Подпихнуть это в игру, чтобы заработало, у меня не вышло, но перевод готов.

Done. I failed to make it work in the game, but the translation is ready.
Here’s what I tried to place into Localization folder


It might be because the double-quotes ( " ) in the original english version got translated into “”, between double-quotes.

So basically, the font line ends up being:


… while it should be:


Might have something to do with the .csv export settings.

Note: haven’t tried that file in game yet, so it’s only an assumption at this point.

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Hi excellent ! But it doesn’t work :frowning: I also changed the quotation marks and that I just didn’t change it, shoot the video, how you add these files, and then the final result.


The csv was exported via this function I copied from the previous spredsheet (it’s in the A1 cell):
=HYPERLINK(“;outFileName:Strings.csv&sheet=Strings&headers=0&range=A2:B&tq=select A,B where B is not null”;“hash (Download CSV)”)

I tried using Notepad (Ctrl+c / Ctrl-+v), but the resulting csv crashes the game at startup if dispached:

With Excel, Notepad and Google.Sheets I did not find any “”, they all look like double-quotes to me.

Find and Replace tools can’t find “” either.

Basically, I imported the English Strings.csv into a MS Excel Spreadsheet, then copied the edited content into a copy of this Google doc:

…and changed the link in the HYPERLINK function, that was it. The exported csv along with meta.xml and the font (a standart one, but, just in case) were placed into “…/Dev/Localization/ru/” folder.

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the difference is immediately visible in the notebook.


So the problem was indeed the triple quotes.

If you just search & replace “”" into " it will work.

I also adjusted a bit the font scale and offset. Here’s a working file:

ru (117.7 KB)

I can include this translation in the next patch.

One problem remains: some of the text UI is too long and doesn’t fit its button / box. In some cases I can extend a little bit the width of the element, but in some locations I won’t be able to, so the russian text has to be shortened a little bit.


Thank you!

I’ve found out what I was doing wrong. I left quoutes in the spreadsheet, so the HYPERLINK formed a bad file. So does any tempering with it via Notepad.

Shortened some text to make everithing fit: (117.9 KB)


Got the update, thank you.

One final thing I’m noticing in your file is that you have a bunch of #ERROR ( non translated ) strings in your file. Ex.: Server_Bounty_Collected_Footer, Server_Destroyed_Module_FighterSpawn_Footer_Self, and pretty much all modules.


Thank you guys, they became clearer, some technical terms, and quick messages. It remains to fix the interface, make it more attractive. And implement it all in the next patch.


Those are probably MS Excel function’s errors that showed up after I had findreplaced all the quotes out and were carelessly copied into the Google doc. I’ll fix this and post another update.

…Nope, it’s quite the opposite: MSEx handles those quouteless +$(Arg1) just fine

it’s Google.Sheets that tries to make formuae out of them

Here goes the solution - apostrophes!

Fixed the “#ERROR” issue and picked a new font (not tested in game): (28.5 KB)

In case the “new font” looks even worse: (90.0 KB)

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