Infinity Community Discord Server


Discord is a text and voice communications platform, similar to Skype or Teamspeak

This Discord server has been set up to allow supporters and backers of Infinity: Battlescape to keep in touch and talk over voice. It also acts as a coordinating hub for in-game activities, especially around Alpha Weekends. The I-Novae developers are also reachable on this server during server events and at other times, so it’s a great place to come and ask questions.

Getting Started

If you haven’t already, you may want to sign up for Discord. You can use the app in your browser, but downloading the client is recommended.

Once you’re in the app, join the server by clicking this link.

There are some bots on the server that will give let you find out more about the status of the servers, or the crowdfunding campaign, among other things. To find out what features these bots offer, you can type !help in the server to get information about the commands available. More features may be added to these bots (developed by @Topperfalkon and @cybercritic), so check back once in a while to see what’s changed.

Original post

(Below is the post that inspired the creation of the server, preserved for posterity :stuck_out_tongue:)

Continuing the discussion from Angels Fall First or other multiplayer space dog fight games:

Discord is a free application that provides free messaging, TTS, and voice servers for gaming communities, which can be accessed either via their website or a native app. It has benefits over other clients like Skype because it has permanent servers, and Teamspeak because it’s free, and Steam Community because it maintains the ability to split servers into many text and voice channels.

It’s currently in beta, so it’s still a little rough around the edges, but it might be a helpful tool for the community to use to get together and play games.

Infinity Community Discord Server

Alternate link if the above doesn’t work

If people are interested, I’ll get it set up and looking a bit better laid out.


We’ve actually been using it as a replacement for Skype. For the most part it works pretty good, certainly better than Skype.


The Discord Website for anyone interested.

Well. Lets try it out. I never used it before, so can’t really tell if I will use it extensively.

Also … what are the drawbacks compared to the competitors?

Well, I think I’ll participate on the channel, already use it for official I-Novae meetings


Save yourself from the horrors that is community management. Less you learn my deep damp secrets.


I’ve given the INovae dudes admin permissions all the same, just in case

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I hopped onto the Discord server a couple hours ago and found @Hutchings and @Topperfalkon there. There was a brief exchange of text messages, and then I popped on my headset/mic and decided to try out one of the voice channels. @Hutchings joined me and we started talking a bit when @INovaeKeith dropped by. Dan and Keith were kind enough to talk with me for the next hour-plus. @Topperfalkon set aside his binge watching of Game of Thrones to add his two cents during the last 20 minutes or so.

The Discord stuff works very well, at least with four people, and it seems to be packaged up rather nicely. So it compares favorably with Teamspeak at first glance. I’m sure Teamspeak has far more features, switches and dials, but Discord lets people do the essentials - chat and talk with others.

The discussion itself was pretty wide ranging, but largely focused on the elephant in the room; the coming Kickstarter. I can’t offer any details about the Kickstarter because I didn’t get any, but I was encouraged by what I heard about the team’s past and present as well as their plans for the future. There was a sense of practicality in their choice of goals and in their approach that made me believe that they could well pull off their plan - if the public just buys into it. The space genre is a wild place these days and there’s no telling where I-Novae Studios might end up.

I don’t know if the team members plan to take advantage of the Discord server much, but if you ever go there again, I suggest making an announcement here in advance so that folks can set aside some time to join in. Your time is precious, so I’d hate to see you spending so much of it for the benefit of just two of us. You’re interesting to talk to and I’m sure many here would enjoy hearing essentially anything that you have to say - but they have to know you’ll be there.

Think of it as a kind of Reddit AMA.


It was a good chat, and I’d love to have more :smile:

It’ll be nice to use this Antlion Modmic thing one day. It’s literally been used a whole zero times.

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Link in the OP is invalid now.

Seems they are only valid for 24hr, here is the current one that expires in ~23hr.

You can set them to infinite.

@Topperfalkon should probably put one of those in the OP.

Forgot to mention that I did this…

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I’m bumping this topic on the off chance our newer pilots have missed this topic, and are missing out on the awesome* gossup going on in there.

*might not actually be awesome


What happened to the channel?

I logged in this morning, and it was gone.

Nevermind, it’s back.

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Strange. Maybe the server hosting it was down, I don’t know.

Can you resend the link please?