Infinity Community Discord Server


Here you go, a unlimited time link to the channel.


I have an account with and began playing Aces High II (hundreds of players able to be on at once) 11-12 years ago. It has text and voice (VOX) chat for more than 100 radio channels as well as local range VOX and some additional options. Is this similar to what you’re trying to accomplish?


We are just trying to stay sane while the delays keep piling up, it’s mostly us arguing about nothing on Discord.


:laughing: !LOL! :laughing:

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Well, things are looking up for the Discord channel, @inovaeflavien has been active on a daily basis there since the last patch. We are actually giving feedback and engaging in productive chatter concerning the game, even had Scott Manley poped in for a minute. Sitting at around 70-80 people there atm.


I’ve had a server graced by the likes of Scott Manley?!

I’m not worthy! :smiley:


DiscordCrypt: Unofficial End-to-End Encryption for Discord has arrived

Early development.

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I’d strongly advise against using third-party UIs unless you’re really sure what you’re doing. BetterDiscord (which DiscordCrypt relies on), has had problems with insecure script execution in the past.


I agree. This is more a ‘one to watch project’ for the time being. One would hope like the article suggests, that the discord devs adopt something like this idea.


Can I get some help with the download from someone please ?


Sure, could you provide some additional information about what problems you’re experiencing with the download?

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