(Unofficial) Headquarters of Infinity:Battlescape Communications - Volunteers needed!


could use a few upvotes. Its a smallish tight-knit group though. Been hanging out with them more or less for a couple years because reasons.

[edit] taking the link out, cause it would look weird if it has more than 2x the upvotes than everything else in there.


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Peeps: make a reddit account if you dont have one, click here, and upvote:

EDIT: sorry, didnt read far enough, we’re upvoting :slight_smile:

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Video is online


THanks NavyFish. Now it has 4 up votes. Still need a few more :slight_smile:


I had sent hints of Infinity: Battlescape (webpage) and the kickstarter to 4players.de, a german game-magazine.
Others did maybe too, however, they have an article up on the kickstarter of the Infinity-Battlescape now since thursday.

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Infinity Battlescape Media Mega Thread

Hey, I just found out I already had an account! Upvoted. :wink:


The comment on Cinemassacre’s subreddit shows on the top for me for the first time! :smiley: Let’s make sure it stays there! We need all able bodied forumites to smash that up vote button!

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@Hutchings @INovaeKeith

Is it OK to send this image to some local media along with my news tip concerning the KS?

Also, if you would prefer some other image then please point me to it :smile: This is just a place holder in case they are too lazy to ask other material (better to have at least something than just plain text).

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In this page there is a Media kit to download : https://www.inovaestudios.com/Battlescape As the name suggest, I guess you are allowed to use any assets for communication use :smile:

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Ok I will use those images. Thanks.


Finnish gaming news site Tilt has picked up the campaign (did so 2 days ago actually) :


Yes it starts with the 10 years in the making stuff but it actually gives an explanation to why it took so long. It’s actually a very positive artcle imo.

And I’ve done some evangelism myself as well. I have sent a news tip to a few magazines. One of them is a gaming magazine called Pelit (literally ‘Games’). The others are evening news sites. I presented the case for them in this manner (since I know it works in FInland) :

A company consisting of lots of finnish people is having a KS campaign for a spectacular game. :slight_smile:

Edit: I also sent a tip for YLE (the BBC equivalent of Finland). Same angle: lots of finnish people in the team.


We need some big pledge leaps though. Sat evening might be better for UK and Europe and later US. Sunday pm also might be a good time for a little extra push.

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Made a thread on a Finnish computer forum

You can use Google Translate but it doesn’t do a good job translating finnish.


I began updating contact informations on the first post.

Lucas you’re doing an awesome job. And I-Novae too (seen the videos update for seamless transitions) it’s really good

If you’re searching for short videos to make to show what beauty your engine can generate, look at 1:51:00 (near) when bluedrake42 (in its video) goes to the hidden side of the planet, the result was incredible.

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Haven’t gotten a single answer from my forum posts, tweets or emails yet. :confused:


emailed http://www.spacegamejunkie.com/
Not a big site but with the focus being entirely on space games the audience is a good one.

Have also started poking some of the news sites that have already posted articles to see if they’ll take a look at the proto (cos maybe then they’ll write an actual article).

Do we have a decent list of sites that have already made articles? There might be one its just lost in the various evangelism threads and I don’t know where to look.


I started a topic on a popular Swedish gaming site: FZ.se: http://www.fz.se/forum/pc/infinity-battlescape-nytt-spacesim-pew-366801

Lets hope it creates some buzz.

I did try to not sound overenthusiastic and to keep it honest. If there are any Swedish speaking people here please feel free to correct any misconceptions, fallacies or any error you might find.

EDIT: Had to change topic heading(changes link) to minimize misconceptions.


We’re playing with them right now in the Prototype, in short… they love it :wink: Check @INovaeKeith 's twitter feed



Great news! The suggestion on Cinemassacre’s subreddit is still on the top! I wouldn’t hurt to keep it there by tossing in some additional up votes :smile:

If we somehow get James and Mike to test (and like) the prototype we will expose the project to a HUGE audience!

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Emailed golem.de, a medium to bigger german site focusing on various technology and computer topics,
and with an separate games resort.
Emailed heise.de, a huge german site focusing on computer technology.
Emailed Computer Bild, a huge german site focusing on various computer topics with a separate games resort.
Emailed Area Games, a small german site focusing on games only.
Emailed Online Welten, a small german site focusing on multiplayer games only.