"Those that pledged during Kickstarter will be rewarded"

I just watched the latest QA Video and this made me cringe a little bit … I mean … it does kinda make sense to give early bakers something extra - but for me this statement simply means “Those that don’t have a credit card will be punished”.

I am not sure how one could fix that. I just hope you don’t make it too expensive.

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They could keep the lowered prices for two weeks or something.

The thing was to encourage everyone to do their best to try and find a way to pledge for the KS. Beceause in the end it was kinda close, wouldn’t you agree?


Yep, completely agree. I just woke up and instead of thinking a minute about it I did this impulsive post. Keep the current non-limited tiers for a few weeks (or days) so that people like me don’t have to feel discriminated :wink:

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Anyone over 18 can go to the bank and ask for a CC…

Yes, and pay a premium for it. Not everyone lives in the US. I do have a debit card and PayPal - like the majority of people here. This is perfectly fine for everything, except Kickstarter.


Well, we should also consider the merc ship only available for KS. Since they made the video quite before the start of the KS, it’s very probable they thought of that when saying this sentence.

What about a Debit MasterCard? Are those available to you?

Euh… I live in europe and my card is free at my bank…

Actually have 2, the other is 6euro per year unused or something like that

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I was even willing paying for others via my CC after a paypal transfer. But I guess not many would be eager to send money to strangers…

Also only have low 1250 limit card. Used it almost half myself this KS :slight_smile:

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Its the same extra cost. All I get is a bank specific debit card - and even then I still have to pay a monthly fee just to have that bank account. It’s quite a ripoff and I don’t want to throw even more money at those banksters. Especially since I:B would be my only use case.

I am sure there are other reasons not to have a Credit Card (like dependence on income) and it is quite doubtful that a discussion about whether or not everyone should have one leads anywhere - red herring.

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What kind of debit card … it might just work.

It does not. There are no cc related numbers associated to it (like CVN). It’s like telling me “try to put the square into the circle, it might just fit” :smiley:

I wonder if that base naming, special weapons effects, ect are KS exclusive?

Or, when a player donates lets say 100 a year, will they get same 500 benefits in 5 years?

I used a debit card for Kickstarter.

It’s called debit card, if you call your card debit card, it could fit. Just saying.

I have a “Sparkassen Karte”. There is a BIC/IBAN printed on it and thats it. You can not pay with it, period.

Hey, no problem. I just wanted to clarify the Box / Circle thing.

There was a lot of confusion about “debit cards” and I wanted to link that discussion here. If you have a Maestro Card that’s ok and you are right it won’t work.

Maestro, yep. As in Debit Card. In germany “EC Card”. I am aware of the differences. Cheapest way for me to upgrade is 25 bucks a year for a rechargeable one. Not going to happen. I’d rather put those into I:B even if I get a little less out of it than with a CC.

Maybe there could be a 2 week grace period for non CC/Debit Card holders when the new account system goes up. Announce it well ahead of time and make it one time only.

I am from germany too. There are actually quite a few credit cards available that cost nothing, I know because I have one thats comletly free. Alternativly you can just go to penny and buy a debit card (you can find them by the registers).

Unfortunately, it depends on where you live. I am sure I would have free access to it if I lived in a bigger city, probably coupled with the bank account. I do not. I choose a bank nearby (the only one) in order to be able to actually go there in person if needed. You can get “free” cards anywhere but then you’d actually have a credit. So my only choice is a prepaid cc which does come with a cost.

I find this arguing about how easy it is to get a CC quite tiresome. Thus this will be my last reply to this thread, regretting having made it in the first place.