Paypal with Kickstarter (and other payment problems)

So i was eager to finally throw my money at you guys, i registered for that kickstarter website and suddenly… what? where’s palypal (for example)? what’s gonig on?
don’t tell me the only way to pay for this game is via credit card?!
give me your bank account number, give me your paypal e mail adress.
there’s nothing i feel mroe uneasy about than giving a website that wrote its name in what looks like comic sans my CC information.
I mean i will do it anyway if there’s no other way but if it’s not easy to give you money, less people will do it.

Yes unfortunately the only way to pledge is via credit card. There is no way around it. Its kickstarters fault.


Are you german? (nickname…)
You can buy a prepaid credit card at “Penny Markt” .
Gibt es dort zum aufladen, kostet eine kleine Gebühr.

KS is funded through Amazon now. I don’t believe they have a PayPal option anymore. I could be wrong as I haven’t looked for one. The campaign for anything on there will not be able to tell the host site where they can accept payment.

Kickstarter has been going for a while and seems to be pretty trustworthy. You will have to use a Credit card unfortunately (i’m assuming it’s due to the way they don’t charge immediately so they need a guarente that they can charge the card), but some places you can get prepaid ones if you really don’t want to hand over your card to Kickstarter.

Some useful links about their privacy policy etc.

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chargeable creditcards are called debitcards :slight_smile:

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It’s sadly an unfortunate matter of fact that Kickstarter, the most popular crowd funding site and probably the only one which would allow Infinity Battlescape reach its goal, doesn’t accept paypal.

We have discussed this matter over the last months. You can either ask someone to help you out, that’s the preferred way as INS sees it as it will help them reach their goal. Or you can wait until they succeeded at Kickstart (IF) and use the “afterfunding” they have planned.

@roninmizu: Amazon was handling Kickstarter payments. It’s Stripe now.

Oh, I didn’t realize they changed it. Thanks

You will also be able to pledge via paypal post KS.


Good morning Hutch. I have coffee waiting…

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well i suppose it’s too late to include paypal in the KS process now.
Just a quick idea:
I have no idea if that goes along with the terms and conditions of the Kickstarter website but what if someone from the Infinity staff made a paypal account, collected the money and sent it to the Kickstarter that way?
To be fair, they’d need to rework a part of the website and so on and It may just seem easy to me when it’s complicated or impossible in reality, but It was just an idea anyway.

Well whatever happens, i am going to get my CC soon and trust that Kickstarter website i suppose.
I am just concerned that a huge amount of potential backers won’t be willing or abled to give their money due to these limitations.

The whole point of not having a separate funding source during the KIckstarter is to be able to cancel in cae the Kickstarter doesn’t succeed.
They can’t do that with paypal. That’s why it will be only after Kickstarter and only if it’s successful.

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Well i did pledge and it seems accepted, however one thing worries me…
It did not ask, nor redirected me to Text message verification which is by default for every transaction in my bank. It seem accepted but i have a funny feeling.

Alot of people don’t like kickstarter for not accepting PayPal. I’ve backed several projects on the site and have only been disappointed twice. Once when KS canceled a bogus campaign and another when I didn’t get my reward from one.

Kickstarter only charges your card after the project funding ends and is succesfull. So make sure to have enough money on the account when the Kickstarter ends. It doesn’t actually check if you have the money until that point.

For KS your card is not charged unless the campaign is successful.

money is not the problem … problem will be, that when it happens my bank will need text message verification, that i recieve on cell phone. But that is impossible when you are not sitting right next to a computer. Thing is it is time limited feature and you have no idea about the url for that either… for every transaction it is unique.


found this on FAQ i hope it will be my case

A project I’m backing just succeeded and my pledge was declined. What do I do?

in Backer Questions / Troubleshooting

If your pledge was declined, just log in to Kickstarter and click the
“Fix payment” button in the banner at the top of your screen. This will
guide you through the process of changing your payment method. We’ll
also send you an email every 48 hours with a direct link to correct the
issue. But don’t delay: backers have 7 days to resolve payment issues
before they’re dropped from the project. We’ll also automatically retry
your pledge at the end of this timeframe.Here are things to look into:1. Check that you’ve entered valid card or account numbers and the correct expiration date. Make sure the card hasn’t expired.2. Confirm that your billing address and phone number are correct.3. Make sure you haven’t exceeded the credit limit on your payment method.If
everything checks out, it’s possible your bank put a hold on the
charge. Please contact your bank to authorize the pledge. Once you’ve
cleared up any issues with your bank or card, you’ll still need to
follow the “Fix Payment” link to retry your pledge.

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