The Wolf Game - Panic Station - Werewolves Win!


Like I said It’s just a day one joke vote. You two are looking a bit too much in to it a bit this time. I mean what about that train running up on ark? Or now Sanes second vote on me? I think it’s just first day jitters that we can let cool down. I do want to change my vote for a legitimate reason though, we’ve yet to hear from @Ovog and we only have 12 hours to go.


Ovog because of inactivity.

Voting situation as follows:
LyskTrevise, 2 (Cybercritic, Cise)
King Cosmos, 2 (The Sane, Mattk50)
Cise, 2 (Arkenbrien, LyskTrevise)
Ovog, 2 (King Cosmos, Enginish)
Arkenbrien, 2 (LucasFIN, Noblebrutus)
LucasFIN, 1 (Skyentist)
Kreydis, 1 (Kreydis?)

Counted on my phone so there are possibly errors.

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Borkis votes for cybercritic. No one should be trying to get anyone killed just yet, and we’ve seen in past games that mistakes do happen. Like Lucas said, Ark would have to be crazy(and that’s the only evidence we have; he is crazy!). Still, trying to frame someone on day 1 seems a little suspicious.


Topper opens the toilet door and peeks outside, taking great care to not look out of the windows

“That @Ovog chap hasn’t moved in quite a while. Even if he isn’t a wolf, he’s probably asleep. He’d be easy enough to lynch”

I’ll reconsider my vote again once @Ovog makes his presence known. If he doesn’t… well, missing Day 1 of a wolf game isn’t the best idea


Borkis misread cybercritic’s post. Borkis thought cybercritic voted for Ark. Borkis’ suspcions still stand, but not strong enough for a vote.

Borkis votes for Ovog for the same inactivity reasons. Borkis believes this vote to be subject to change.


You need to calm down, “get someone killed” and “frame”, I have no idea where this is coming from, your imagination?

Those two are my leads and there is next to nothing to go on as this is the first day, I also justified my suspicion…


Actually it was more of an attack on Lucas, Noble, and Topper than defense of Arkenbrien. They band wagoned blatantly with no thoughts at all or any discussion, which is counter to how the humans should be playing.

I withdrew my above post because I realized that Ovog was actually ahead of cyber critic, and I would only be creating a tie. My previous vote I guess will stand for now.


The day will end in 1 hour


Shifts about looking at his unsettled and rowdy traveling companions, before releasing a rather long drawn out sigh. “It is much to early to be attempting to lynch people for no apparently reason. If you must lynch anyone I’d suggest the first person to suggest someone’s death.” Kreydis states as he gives a rather disgusted look at Skyentist. “Picking someone just ‘Because’ is in rather bad tastes if you ask me. But in either case, I’ll have no hand in someone’s death this fair night.”


Bolding a name indicates a vote, which means you’ve voted for Skyentist and yourself in this post!


@Martindevans Well… I was fairly certain that it had to be on a separate line as well.


You’re right. But everyone (including me) ignores that rule… maybe I should remove it!

In fact I’m gonna go edit it now, no one ever said I can’t change the core rules of the game after it’s already started :slight_smile:


I do wonder about that.


You got me. martindevans has been kicked from the game for editing his posts


I always did wonder about that. Because the GM wasn’t ever excluded from that rule. But jokes aside, THE GAME MUST GO ON!


Being a little slow with things, Ovog realizes evedybody is suddenly shifting the blame to him, so he fastly jumps on another bandwagon to save his skin

“I Belive King Cosmos is the one who shafted Flavien!” He Screamed and pointed the finger; when all that was resolved, he chose to continue ahead, along Redwater.


Borkis changed his vote to Ovog for inactivity, but not before also switching his vote to cybercritic a post behind then. Borkis does not like being accused for that which he is not doing.


After breakfast the passengers argued until lunchtime about the murder. Accusations were thrown back and forth, several small fights broke out and had to be broken up by other passengers. Eventually King_Cosmos stomped across the dining car to the armchair where Ovog had been sleeping most of the day, grabbed a nearby drink and threw it in Ovog’s face. As Ovog leapt to his feet, King_Cosmos grabbed him and shoved him into the middle of the crowd “Look at this guy, sleeping away all day hoping to go unnoticed! Obviously he was so busy murdering Flavien last night he didn’t get enough sleep!”. Murmurs of agreement went around the room and Ovog, now coming to his senses, began backing away.

Ovog shouted in pain and took another step, backing up against a window, as Enginish stabbed him in the arm with a fork. “Out the window with him! Let’s throw him down the chasm to join Flavien!” The rest of the mob charged forward, beating and battering Ovog as they forced him backwards out of the window. The room fell silent as they listened to his screams, getting quieter and quieter as he plummeted to the depths…

It Is Now Nighttime

Ovog has been lynched
Day will start in 24 hours, if you have a nighttime role please submit your votes by replying to your role PM


The conductor was the first to wake up in the morning, there was always a lot of work to do coordinating the preparations for breakfast. He strode out of his room and began his morning inspection, beginning with rousing the staff in the rearmost carriage and working his way forwards to the engine to get a progress update from the driver. He whistled quietly as he strode down the train past the sleeping carriages, knocking on doors to rouse the passengers. When he got to the fourth door, the room of a Mr LyskTrevise, there was no response. He knocked a little harder… still no response. He pulled out his master key and unlocked the door.

The passengers came running down the train, some half dressed and some still in night clothes, and crowded into the space around room number four where the conductor was sitting on the floor in shock. The few nearest the room glanced in and shouted in horror; LyskTrevise had been murdered! His body was covered in bite marks - huge bite marks of a beast not a human.

It Is Now Daytime

LyskTrevise has been murdered
Day will end in 48 hours

Deceased Inventory

  • £60
  • Small Chessboard
  • Poison Vial

Train Is At: Redwater

Players may buy and sell items with the GM. Contact the GM with requests to buy or sell items (any reasonable item), prices will be set by the GM and are non-negotiable.

Available Destinations:

  • Return to Panic Station (No Special Rules).
  • Return to Stonesmile Viaduct (Dead players cannot be further interacted with).
  • Stay at Redwater (Famous Market Town, players may buy and sell items in the town).
  • Advance to Maenas Pass (Chance that rocks will fall, preventing the train from moving).

About time!

Borkis is troubled by Lysk’s death. Borkis must thing about what this means.

Borkis thinks this may be a bad idea. Pm Borkis if you’re interested in trading. Borkis has a testube for sale, he wonders what that could be used for.