The Wolf Game - Panic Station - Werewolves Win!

Please note that rule 7 has been introduced for the first time this game

  1. The GM will never directly lie.
  2. Violating any rule is punishable by death.
  3. During the night phase no one may post in the forum thread. However, private messaging between players is allowed at any time of the day or night.
  4. Dead players must never contact other players about the game. They may post one single message to roleplay their death, but this must not contain any important information about the game.
    PM Communications between the GM and the player are secret. Do not screenshot or directly quote PMs from the GM to other players.
  5. Days will last 48 hours, nights will last 24 hours. Inactive players will be killed mercilessly.
  6. Votes and day role actions should be bolded.
  7. Editing of posts is not allowed

Now Departing Panic Station
A snow storm was sweeping into town just as the train pulled into the station, thanks to the weather the train was already late and this was the first stop. The crew reluctantly jumped off the train and ran through the snow and wind to move the passengers luggage. The chief conductor ran into the waiting room and slammed the door shut behind him, he glanced around at the crowd of suspicious looking individuals warming themselves in front of the fire. He glanced down at the passenger list:

  1. LucasFIN Tied to rails at Redwater, day 2
  2. Kreydis Hanged and burned alive, day 4
  3. Cise
  4. cybercritic Froze to death, night 5
  5. xamino
  6. Topperfalkon
  7. Arkenbrien Burned alive, night 4
  8. Lomsor
  9. Skyentist Half devoured, then thrown out of the window, night 3
  10. Ovog Thrown off Stonesmile, day 1
  11. Mattk50
  12. Enginish
  13. King_Cosmos Poisoned, night 3
  14. Aquila
  15. NobleBrutus Crushed by train, night 6
  16. LyskTrevise Torn apart by beasts, night 1
  17. The_Sane

“Ladies and gentlemen, I apologise for the delay. If you’d like to make your way to the train and find you cabins we will depart as soon as the luggage is loaded”. With some muttering about the level of service and the dreadful weather the passengers reluctantly left the waiting room and dashed across the platform to board the train.

The chief conductor ran after the passengers and began handing out a map of the route the train would be taking across the continent:

With thanks to LucasFIN for the amazing map.

Welcome to the transcontinental express train Flying Diablos. The passengers and crew will be together for almost a week as we make our way to our destination, we hope you have a pleasant trip


Night 0 - Flavien Thrown Overboard
Day 1 - Ovog joins Flavien
Night 1 - LyskTrevise misses breakfast
Day 2 - LucasFIN stays at Redwater
Night 2 - Mysterious warriors fights off wolves
Day 3 - Tied vote, no one dies
Night 3 - Skyentist disembarks. King_Cosmos poisoned.
Night 4 - Arkenbrien burned alive
Day 4 - Kreydis hanged and burned
Night 5 - cybercritic freezes to death
Day 5 - Deliberate no lynch
Day 6 - Deliberate no lynch
Night 6 - NobleBrutus crushed by train

Special Roles
Some players will be assigned special roles this game

There is a special mechanic in this game, each night the train will travel to a station along the line. During the day the passengers and crew must vote on whether to travel to the next unvisited station on the line or to return to some previous destination. Different destinations will have different effects on the game, which will be in effect for the entire of the next day.

Additionally, players all have an inventory of items. At any time during the day a player may reveal an item from theit inventory (the GM will confirm that they truly possess this item). Players can freely trade items during the day or night, publicly or privately (simply tell the GM you are trading the item).


I’m in without reading the description :smiley:

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Sure… let’s go Krazy.

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im in plus 10 chars


Count me in.

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Oh, a wolf game? Sure, count me in.

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All the usual suspects are boarding the train :innocent:


Given that I called for this, you can bet I’m in

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Just so we have a proper random number seed for this game, I have generated a SHA256 hash from @martindevans opening post.


site used

text used


The deed done, Ark eventually sat down in his favorite spot: A dark corner.

Why do I like dark corners? It’s so darn hard to see over here. Dank.

Maybe an obsession. It didn’t matter.

What did matter was that, although these people had absolutely nothing to do with his quick demise on some backwater planet a few weeks ago, it felt really, really good to stick it to these random strangers.

What were the chances of a frozen mackerel crate on board anyways? Hysterical.

Anyways, the mysterious portal didn’t appear yet, so his secret quest could not continue. At least not somewhere else.

Ah, what blessed silence. One could even hear the subtle humming of the engines on standby. Surely by now, had his bombastic illusion not have given him and his comrades in bloody revenge away, he would caused some terrible disaster one way or another. Or simply annoy him. He was pretty good at that. Then again, he could be causing problems of a galactic order somewhere else. Not that he cared *personally* what his counterpart got himself into, it was just that HE was blamed for everything.

Where was that little brat anyways?

A huddled group. A dying fire. Wind and cold. A translucent individual dancing hysterically.


I’m in. :wink:


@martindevans is this loosely based on “Murder on the Orient Express” by any chance?

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Not deliberately. Although I have read the book, so I suppose there might be some influences. It may also be influenced by the fact I’ve been playing a lot of transport tycoon recently >_>


Wolf me in.

Agh martin you tempt me so. I’ve been in the process of moving for the last 2 weeks and we still are without internet…I hope time warner gets here soon…

Some mysterious force told Borkis that his time was up. He’d spent 2 years at his current residence with the others. With the others also parting ways, this was his chance to finally get away. Immediately he headed down to the local station to buy the first ticket going anywhere.

sigh I’m in


I guess I could try, if I remember to check back here once it starts


I get the feeling this game is more or less going to be the plot of baccano, extremely gory train related deaths aplenty.

Im In


I promise to give you all a percentage of the royalties when the storyline of this wolf game gets turned into a hit anime…


Just imagine a lot of the deaths at the starts and end of days animated, there’s your hit right there.

lets be honest its not that different animated (gore, spoilers, oh god why)


Spoiler: Stupid ahead!