The Wolf Game - Panic Station - Werewolves Win!


I’m going to vote for Cise to save my illusionary skin.


Lomsor glares trough the window … down into the abyss.
"Oh my. We should get to Redwater. Maybe we can contact the Authorities there. Maybe they already found more clues to this horrendous disappearance.

Going to wait for the rest of the passengers to gather until I vote.


The Sane has the right idea. We should move onward to Redwater and toss Mattk50* overboard. I’m still weary of his space shenanigans.


Ok, so can I edit typos? Or like my vote up there? I missed a * and now Matts name isn’t bold and just looks silly with a few asterisks floating around it. I’m certainly not gonna go and edit it and risk death, but like, I make way more typos than I’d like.


No, not even to fix typos. This is to make my life easier, all I have to do is skim for the edit marker to make sure no one has broken the rules. Otherwise every day I have to check the diff on every single edited post!


Just make 3 or 4 grammar/punctuation passes before you hit the submit button! It’s a good practice.

Oh, and tell Aquila to stop lurking and say something.


You know I just slam on that submit key as soon as I’m done. I gotta go fast! I’ll just have to try and slow down. Anyways, my fixed vote, Mattk50.
Also, yeah, I’m pestering her about lurking right now actually. However, we do seem to have more than a few lurkers out there right now besides my sister.

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Cise bursts in lugging a massive spade. We shall go to redwater and I know that lysktrevise bugger is crazy.

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Im a bit suspicious of those voting for Arkenbrien. We’ve seen last game that early mistakes are not indicative of alignment, i.e. Topper’s situation last game where he said something odd that made him seem wolfy, but was most definitely human. Something similar is surely happening with Arkenbrien at the moment, as it is obvious that a wolf would never make such a stupid mistake to say as the first post of the first day “Hey, lets make sure we can’t dissect any bodies, or otherwise!”, and its also clear that he meant redwater in his post, as he implied he wanted to buy things.

This is day 1, so of course… Any reason is better than “lol cise is a wolf becuz reasons”, I just dont really see how Arkenbrien is a valid reason. Now, let me be clear, I don’t know either way about whether Arkenbrien is wolf or human, but it just seems odd to me that Lucas, Topper, and Noble were so quick to bandwagon up on Arkenbrien with no questions asked.



@Enginish I was not lurking just over slept this morning and to be woken up just to learn that someone was killed is not pleasant, but I might as well lurk around before making a vote. Onward to Redwater.”


We must go forward despite the loss of flavien, to Redwater!

Normally im not really a fan of counter-voting, but this game im a bit of an easy target considering the events of the last. It feels like an excuse for a wolf to get a vote off, more than anything, and, i also tend to think the 2nd voter is more suspicious than the first in these situations. What do you have to say for yourself, King_Cosmos?


What defense do you have? What defense does anyone have? It’s day one. No one has much to go on yet. It’s a bit of a day one joke vote, yes, but your trickery from last time still erks me.


Irks me.*
Oh man this no editing thing is gonna be frustrating. I blame that on you too!


[Writing this as I am on my phone in a youth hostel in Tallinn please forgive my inability to quote]

“As you wish Mr. Trevise I shall ask of Mr Ark a question. Ark! Did you murder our good friend Mr Flavien?”

Is there any other questions you’d like asked?


First day vote. What can I say. It isn’t necessarily my last vote today. Speaking of dumb things a wolf wouldn’t do. At the top of the list is probably banding up on the very first vote.

I’ll try to keep up to the conversation through my cellphone. I’m going to the countryside for midsummer festivities (those druid responsibilities). Will be back next tuesday.

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My vote on Mattk50 is a bit of a junk vote as I don’t actually want him to die this early. For better or worse Matt has the potential to be one of the more interesting players (no pressure), and I care more about having fun than winning. My first thought when seeing your vote King_Cosmos was “I wonder if he’s a wolf attempting to blend in…”, so Matt has a point about the 2nd voter being more suspicious*.

We should kill King_Cosmos… Just to be safe.

######*This obviously does not apply to me though

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I wanted him to change his mind, I just happened to be online fairly early on in the day.

No lynch vote for now. I’m at work now, so I’ll have to have a good read through when I get home.

@martindevans can you confirm what time the day ends?


The day will end when the day 1 intro post is 48 hours old. That is about 12 hours from now.


As Kreydis sits in his seat next to the window, he would mutter, “No point stoping the train just yet, Onward to Redwater I say.”


My suspects at this early stage are Arkenbrien and LyskTrevise.

Arkenbrien because of that “mistake” vote for the next station, it could be a honest mistake or it could be a calculated mistake, I think wolves would be very happy to stay at Stonesmile Viaduct, yet to hope to sway the vote on the first day is a bit too optimistic, trickery maybe.

LyskTrevise is defending Arkenbrien for some reason, why stick your neck out for somebody that you have no connection with and I really doubt any humans have been talking in private. So, those are my suspects for now and I will vote for LyskTrevise.