The Wolf Game - Panic Station - Werewolves Win!


No one saw that one coming… no one at all. /s x 100


If the game hasnt ended yet, it must mean there are only 3 wolves and we still have 5 humans left alive… ill post my full thoughts on the situation late, but for now, im just going to vote for us to go to Erilyn.


Noble groaned, his vision swimming. Through the fuzzy haze he could see passengers making a mad dash down the corridor, but it was not his corridor. The Red carpets gave way to the words ’Red Arrow’ painted in gold Cyrillic text. Staring harder Noble could just see the outline of another corridor, this one dark and empty. Noble stumbled forward… fresh air, that’s what he needed … As Noble slid open the door the vision slid away and in it’s place stood a monstrous taloned creature it’s eyes red as blood covered in a ragged pelt.

Noble’s hand shot down and he jumped back, his training at the Academy for knights of Antamera taking over. However the taloned hand smashed into and indeed through Noble’s chest throwing the Golden Gun flying from Noble’s hand. Without breath to scream Noble went limp and prayed for forgiveness. The creature then took Noble’s leg in it’s great maw and effortlessly tossed the barely conscious Noble between the carriages. The last thing Noble heard before the blackness came was the sound of Rufus hammering against the cabin door and barking frantically.

Look after Fluffy for me.

  • Cise isn’t behaving in a way that makes me want to lynch him, so he must be a wolf.
  • Xamino was vague on how exactly he was able to determine the number of active wolves, so he must be a wolf.
  • Topperfalkon hasn’t publicly posted in over a week but was last seen and posted within a day, so he must be a wolf.
  • Lomsor can stop the train and the train was stopped, so he must be a wolf.
  • Mattk50 has posted very little to make me think he is a wolf, so he must be a wolf.
  • Enginish is not currently on my suspect list, so he must be a wolf.
  • Aquila has been extremely unresponsive to questions, so she must be a wolf.

I’m going to wait for others to respond before I make a real post as I feel my input often distracts from others.


As I stated I have no clue why I received that information. Not sure if it even matters really. If I were a wolf and intended to strike fear in the hearts of the puny humans I’d pick an as high as possibly number to make them fear their impending doom. Even if that were the case we can rest assured that we are down to at most 3 wolves at this time, as per mattk50’s reasoning.

There, some information. I will also state that I believe Aquila to be human, based on her knowledge of my role and its shortcomings. If the wolves knew what she did of me they would have acted long ago. Her continued silence and the wolves failing to use my weakness against anyone bring me to believe that she can be trusted.


Could we have some more clarity on how you got that information? It’s pretty clear now that it was wrong. No one except Noble has died since you told us that, and I’m fairly sure he was a human.

Here’s what I’m seeing right now. (Adjusts tinfoil hat)
The last person that died who had a reasonable probability of being a wolf was King_Cosmos.
Who were his allies? Aquila, Lomsor, and Xamino.
Xamino lied about the number of remaining wolves in order to provoke Noble or Sane into assassinating a human, fearing a surprise wolf victory.
Lomsor threw the brakes before we reached Erilyn.
Aquila has been hiding all game, and took my role (and still hasnt returned it!).

These are the wolves, I think.
Furthermore, I think the reason the wolves have been so insistent in keeping my role tied down is because they fear me scanning any of the above people. With a role as powerful as Lomsor’s it would make sense to lie about who actually holds it. I don’t think we can advance to Erilyn until the true Engineer dies, and I am worried that Lomsor is not the Engineer (but still certainly a wolf).
With all that said…


Kreydis. I wasn’t happy with the lynch but it’s not impossible that he was a wolf.


But if Kreydis was a wolf then my beautiful theory is kaput :cry:


Could have sworn that Xamino had told us that on the first day at Lightspell, though… Whoops. Mistakes, they were made. My fault for not double checking.


I “saw” the forms of 4 wolves the night before. This information was received via the GM. I have no way to further prove the truth of this matter, just wait until the game is done.

So, uh, I’m clear?

On to my own theories: if Kreydis was a wolf then we must consider the votes of the following people:

  • Lomsor (first to vote for him)
  • The_Sane (redacted later to vote for NobleBrutus who was human due to night kill)
  • Cybercritic (confirmed human because of night kill)
  • Cise

Really, this all only makes me more and more suspicious of Enginish. I have little proof though, just small things that keep popping up, including the mess he was involved in with King_Cosmos (who, like Aquila, was fully aware of my role and its uses).

I want to hear what @Lomsor has to say to the train staying here though.

So for now:


Sadly in my opinion most of that mess was created by Cosmos himself. You said you wouldn’t be informed if you protected anyone successfully, so who did you protect that night? Cosmos was either rashly jumping to conclusions when he had very little to go on or he was trying to manipulate the situation.


Interesting the train was stopped. I told you Lomsor could stop the train. Low and behold one stop before a human victory the train was stopped.

With so few humans left I would like to keep the momentum going with Xamino’s vote on Enginish. I do not want the vote to get split and ruin our efforts. With that being said Lomsor did clearly lie.



Ok, I took a look to see what was in Arks inventory the night he died, when Xamino was informed about active wolves. He had a lamp on him with plenty of fuel (1 fuel needed per night, without knowing what effect it would have a lamp is something I myself considered buying at Redwater). I would guess that him holding a lamp was what caused a player to be informed of the number of wolves active, Xamino is off my suspect list for now.

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Cise - The Grave Robber

A bit of an unknown for me, no apparent lies from him but has managed to keep to the “middle ground” throughout the game quite successfully. Voting for Cosmos, attempting to poison Enginish, adding his vote to the Kreydis Pile, but nothing that makes me sure he is human.

xamino - The Vigilante

I toyed with the idea that he might be a wolf, having killed the real Vigilante and used the role name to misdirect us, but the number of little details that have built up to support his claim is enough for me to stop pursuing that theory. I still question why he is so trusting of Cosmos / Aquila though. If they are wolves then their whole play has been to find ways of looking human. Not killing a person who trusts them means little, and if his role isn’t as powerful as others believe then why kill someone who isn’t a threat to them.

Topperfalkon - [Unknown]

Mystery is a mystery. Why he is logging in but not posting publicly is confusing, hopefully he hasn’t suffered some sort of real life catastrophe. Too risky to kill, and if martin were to eliminate him from the game for inactivity at this point it might unfairly tip the balance in favor of one of the teams.

Lomsor - The Engineer

Probably a wolf. I’d like to see what his argument for lynching someone else would be after the train was stopped. He was first to vote for Kreydis but that doesn’t prove anything, in fact it would explain Kreydis’ outburst (being voted for by a fellow wolf). It was obvious that the double vote issue was going to be brought up, so why not be the first to do it? We also can not rely on his own description of how the role works. His argument that if he was a wolf he would have used it at the tunnel holds no water if its a daytime action.

Mattk50 - The Spy

Since the surgery he has been a little more active, and getting a gauge on him through our conversations in steam chat has been a little easier. I’m concerned he might be a wolf, his strategy for looking human last game involved making little innocent factual “mistakes” in his conversations while suggesting plausible suspicions. This appeared to be evident in my last chat with him, but its hardly conclusive. He is also one of the few players that could still be lying about their role, his reveal post (conveniently) didn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know… I’d like to know who he spied on last night.

Enginish - The Priest

I thought buying lynch protection would be quite unfair if all the wolves could do it, but given the number of roles that involved the ability to bypass the lynch and kill someone perhaps not. I’m not prepared to say that he is not a wolf, but if he is then he isn’t working alone, and there are other more obvious suspects at this point in time. Perhaps @xamino can pick out the little details that have convinced him to vote for Enginish?

Aquila - The Conductor

Aquila being a wolf relies on the theory that the wolves have been making every effort possible to look like they are trustworthy humans. Except for the fact that she has answered maybe 1 in 5 of my questions, and none to my satisfaction. On top of that not wanting to split the vote is junk reasoning when you are only the third person to vote in the first half of the day. It’s also possible The Engineer role being brought out in the open was a deliberate ploy to make a last ditch effort and argue that someone else must have copied the role.



Aww, So. The wolves did have an ace in the hole after all … I hoped for Noble to cooperate with Xamino, but it either didn’t happen or didn’t work.

I suspected that they may be able to use my role for their advantage. I have been informed that someone activated my role remotely. Probably some kind of item they bought at the market. You can guess I wasn’t pleased when I saw we were back where we started days ago this morning.
Sadly my role isn’t bound to an item, that would have allowed me to discard it.
This was the main reason I didn’t want to make my role public yesterday, the wolves are clever, and them not acting on the double day on the verge of loosing was extremely suspicious in my opinion. Especially as they had more then enough freedom seeing as, on the second day, there were a lot of missing votes. Without the extension they could have easily lynched someone. This combined with the fact that the wolves probably already knew of my role and Aquilas non cooperative behaviour and disregard for our safety concerning the information (mind you, the only information she shared yesterday) brings me to believe that this was planed all along. Spilling the information was just another preparation to fame me as a wolf today.

I sure hope this was a single use item and that we proceed to Erilyn this time.

Yep probably just like you wanted. Troughout the whole game you didn’t give me a reason to trust you and today we have to pay the price for that. I shouldn’t have hoped for an easy victory yesterday and told Noble to stand down and let the pros do the work. He probably had the right feeling when it came to that. Aquila


Last night i spied on topper, he did nothing, woopie.

In retrospect lomsor or aquila would have been a much better choice considering lomsor’s role reveal. i didnt think this one through very well, i thought we would have won or lost by now, i considered that xamino could have been wrong about the wolves left but didnt process that i guess.

Aquila supposedly has the power to take other peoples roles, and she knew in advance what lomsors role was. It’s possible they’re both wolves as sane suggested, but i think if only one of them are, aquila would be the one. That train stopped somehow.


Aquilla again, because she is the conductor, who, once again has taken someone else’s role and used it. also forward


So is no-one else bothered by the fact that all of the players remaining that still have a good chance of being a wolf are perfectly happy with lynching Aquila?

…? Well perhaps you are a wolf after all. You do realize how crap that reasoning is, don’t you? Lets not kill the player who is most likely a wolf, lets kill someone else! I know I’ve pushed my own theory about Aquila quite a lot but I’m by no means certain that she isn’t just overwhelmed by her first game. Kill the wolf first, then maybe take a chance on Aquila.

Let me point out: Killing someone other than a wolf could still screw us over pretty badly. Without Topper there’s no way to gain a majority vote for the 2nd part of the day, meaning all wolves have to do is force a tie and stop the train again to get enough kills to win the game.

“Probably”? No. Perhaps, but it’s actually much more likely that you lied.

[Steam Chat]
Mattk50: wellll
Mattk50: we’re alive
Mattk50: so
The Sane: first lynch would be mr engineer
The Sane: cant even remember who that was
Mattk50: lomsor
The Sane: unless he argues that he was copied
Mattk50: i guess it could have been an item
Mattk50: it is a bit weird
Mattk50: that he didnt do it before though

Mattk50: 3 wolves though
Mattk50: xamino said there were 4
Mattk50: when did he scan?
Mattk50: has someone died since then?
The Sane: Kreydis

Also suggesting an item was to blame, making the same “innocent mistake” as Enginish, forgetting that Kreydis was lynched. Feels a bit like a pattern, a pattern of (quiet) attempts to divert the impending lynch vote.

How… convenient.

Nope. It has already been established that Aquila’s role can “confiscate” someone else’s, the wording used for the GM message to Enginish is entirely different to how Lomsor described his role being “activated remotely”.

I also find it funny that Noble likely got killed because of the belief that the “Dog Lover” was able to stop overnight interference, when in my opinion his “Dog Lover” role was actually a lie to cover for his “Man with the Golden Gun” role. Probably bought the dog at market, maybe even showed it to Lomsor to “prove” that it was his role… I wonder what effect the dog actually had. Even if the Dog Lover was real with Noble dead there’s no-one to say whether or not foreign interference with the engineer role was actually a possibility.


Except me, I take it, because I do find it curious.


Yes everyone is right I don’t answer every question. It is hard to figure out what to do and who to trust… If I answer questions on the main post someone privately gets on and says why did you do that. If I post something on the private it gets posted on the main page anyway. But I think I’m doing quit well for a new comer. There are those who have less to say than me who are not new comers, maybe I’m a good distraction for these silent ones who may be wolves. Plus just because I don’t make up elaborate stories like Lomsor to try to cover up why he stopped the train does not make me a wolf.