The Wolf Game - Exterminatus - Sign Ups Open (11/17)

Inquisitor Flavien 203270234.M47: My investigation into the taint of chaos has led me across the system to the forge world Kalia IV. I will proceed to interrogate forge workers tonight to narrow down the source of the stench of chaos which pervades this system.

Inquisitor Flavien 203280234.M47: The interrogations have been… disturbing. I sensed a strong taint of chaos in the room but none of my subjects showed any of the usual signs of contact with chaos - no indications of heretical thoughts. Autopsies revealed nothing unusual. They are completely baseline humans - no hidden psykers, no undeclared genetic enhancements.

Inquisitor Flavien 303290234.M47: An overwhelming psychic presence is here, in this facility! Powerful thoughts of chaos and heresy flow through the air. It takes all my psychic powers to just barely resist the call of the warp. A chaos sorcerer is here, somewhere in this facility, undoubtedly he has already captured some weaker minds and turned them into agents of chaos. I have sent out a general distress call but I do not know if I can hold off such power for long.

Lifesigns Terminated. Automated Broadcast Beacon Activated - 303310234.M47

A chaos sorcerer has been discovered on Kalia IV. It has twisted the minds of imperial subjects to his will and murdered an inquisitor. Such heresy will not be tolerated; An imperial exterminatus fleet is en-route, prepared to destroy all life on the planet to ensure that the taint of chaos does not spread any further. You must kill the agents of chaos and expose the chaos sorcerer before the fleet arrives!


This is the wolf game! The game has two teams, imperials (often referred to as humans) and chaos (often referred to as wolves). Both teams are trying to eliminate the other team before the timer ends (and both teams lose). The chaos team are a small but coordinated team of merciless killers, they are aware of each others identities and will work together to destroy the imperial team. The imperial team is a larger team, but no one is aware of anyones alignment but their own!

The game has two phases, night and day. During the night phase the chaos team will communicate with one another in secret and murder an innocent imperial. During the day phase all players (imperials and chaos) will vote on who to lynch for the murder - imperials must try to deduce the real identity of the chaos whilst the chaos team will be carefully sowing confusion and misinformation.

If you’re new to the game we have a lot of experienced players, ask them for advice (but be careful, they may be on the other team). Naturally you may also ask me (the GM) for advice, but I am limited in what I can say without ruining the game!

Special Roles

Some players may receive special roles. These roles may be passive or active, may happen during the day or the night, and may be given to imperials or chaos - it depends entirely on the role.


  • The GM will never directly lie.
  • Violating any rule is punishable by death.
  • During the night phase no one may post in the forum thread. However, private messaging between players is allowed at any time of the day or night.
  • Dead players must never contact other players about the game. They may post one single message to roleplay their death, but this must not contain any important information about the game.
  • PM Communications between the GM and the player are secret. Do not screenshot or directly quote PMs from the GM to other players.
  • Days will last 48 hours, nights will last 24 hours. Inactive players will be killed mercilessly.
  • Votes and day role actions should be bold.
  • Editing of posts is not allowed

Imperial Subjects

To sign up simply post I’m in below along with who you will be roleplaying in this game (keep it something at least vaguely appropriate for WH40K universe). Here’s a few suggestions to get you started: imperial guard soldier, forge world overseer, low level imperial worker drone, priest to the machine god, priest to the god emperor, secret inquisition agent.


  • Night 0 - Inquisitor Flavien Murdered

Yes. Yes please. I am in.


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I’m in, will read the intro a bit later.

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Since several people said post-game last time that they missed roleplaying I’m requiring that everyone have chosen a role by the time the game starts.

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Explain, also vague roles and stupid shit that I’d do would break immersion. Set up some standard roles of sort to choose from if you ask me.

I’m asteroid

Edit: (Kill me) Also shouldn’t the teams be Imperial vs Chaos?

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Quite right, I’ve fixed that :smile:

To be clear this isn’t asking people to choose their special role and has no gameplay significance whatsoever! This is just asking people to choose something to roleplay.

I guess I could make some suggestions, here’s a few to get your started: imperial guard soldier, forge world overseer, low level imperial worker drone, priest to the machine god, priest to the god emperor, secret inquisition agent.

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I’m in.

Goodness knows what I’ll roleplay as. I guess Emperor is out of the question this time.

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Perhaps a psyker priest of the emperor who claims to channel the emperor’s will?

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That could work

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I have a confession: I’ve never actually played a 40k game, and only know the roughest outline of how it works.

That said,

I’m in.

I’m not sure what to role play as. I’ll do some research and see what I come up with.:smile:

Oh that won’t be a problem. It’s only the theme for the roleplay, knowledge of the game definitely not important!

Have some reference reading for 40k :wink:

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I’m in.

I’ll play the role of a relatively fresh Techmarine, only having returned from mars in the last years. Reunited with my chapter I seem, like most Techmarines, to praise allegiance to both: my Chapter and the Omnissiah.

In reality though, something in the teachings on Mars grabbed me, a loophole, something that is unnoticed by even the most wise of the Tech-Priests. Their fixation on persistence, constancy of … certainty made them blind for the true nature of the Machine God as his true form is the omnipotent RNGsiah!

What is the local Chapter?


Having seen his share of battles, the commissar Tjafaas does not fear the Imperial Exterminatus. He knows the space marines will do what it takes to cut the spreading of the chaos infection right from its embryonic stage.

Originally, Tjafaas came all the way from Cadia on the forge world Kalia to supervise the recruting and training of new Imperial Guards. Those weak disciplined worlds have yet to see their true battle to come.
But now, he’s stranded on this planet with his regiment. Has the Emperor forgotten them? Surely not. The traitors must be found. However, he has never experienced civil panic of this magnitude before.

If it was up to him, he’d already blew away the stench of cowardice from those useless civil administratives and decree an even stricter curfew. Unfortunately, his actions are for now limited to his regiment, which thankfully seems to be unaffected by the wave of panic. They will obey.

Still, this psychological warfare is quite new to him…

A single sentence formed in his mind:
I’m in.

Making a game in the Warhammer 40K universe? Count me in!
I will have to read some of the previous Wolf games to better understand some of the strategies behind it. If I understand correctly, the imperials will try to follow bread crumb trails given by either the GM or careless chaos agents to guess who’s who? And the writing during the day is to test one another?

Anyway, I don’t mind being in either camp.

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Every night the person who is killed was definitely imperial (chaos cannot murder other chaos during the night). So as the game progresses you start to gain hard information about who was an imperial. It’s then down to special roles and careless chaos agents.

That doesn’t sound like a lot to go on, but it usually ends quite close to either side winning until the last couple of days as the chaos ramps up and some big event swings it one way or the other.

Psyker it is for me. I’ll see if I can come up with some RP later on (difficult given I’m not that well versed in 40K)

Also, please add your RP advice to the OP, in case it is of any use to anyone considering joining the game

I suppose rping as a deamon isn’t a good idea… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, depends on whether you want to make it through the first night. It wouldn’t be the first time someone’s got lynched based off their roleplay.


Whilst I’m at it, summoning @LyskTrevise, @Cise, @mattk50, @LucasFIN/ @LucasFIN1

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I wonder when the last time that happene…

Oh… oh boy… I don’t know about you folks. But I’m up for playing as a madman

Edit: Why didn’t you add me? Is I’m asteroid not good enough for you? I’m in okay.

I’m in as the slightly homicidal Krieg imperial guard officer. I’ll get to Roleplaying when I’m ready to kill for the emperor.

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I’ve been waiting for this. Currently out of town I’ll come up with role play when I get back.

I’m in!

Edit: @Kreydis but you were a wolf! I think it was a good lynch :wink: