The Wolf Game - Exterminatus - Sign Ups Open (11/17)

H8full 8 was g8.

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For anyone fortunate enough to have not clicked that link yet, be warned that it is a TVTropes link, and clicking through will lose you hours of your life.


Ok, so I know absolutely nothing about Warhammer and that is a big pool to jump in to. Perhaps I will just be something simple and silly like a space janitor. I feel like they would still need those.

You might want to look on the universe rundown I’ve posted a few message earlier.
It’s a perfect context for paranoia, easy accusations / hide and seek. In a nutshell, good for a wolf game :wink:

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Imperial guard with a flamer. Good choice.

One word, HERETIC!


Searing pain

Heat and ice

Pain, the seemly only reason for existence

The conscience struggle within, the conflict of the soul

The sounds … the endless resonant drone

Of everything, the sounds burned the most

The sounds picked, tore asunder, rebuilt, then destroyed

Thoughts not of oneself, but of legion, Destroying the soul

Destroying self, rebuilding self, build and destroy

The drones, with it’s precipices and valleys, increased

Destruction, reconstruction


A new sensation, sight

Darkness, twelve pillars standing before the light

The drone increased

*The soul plunged deeper than the void itself *


The drone … the sounds … darkness

It must stop

It must be stopped


Revenge for the pain, for the burning, for the broken soul

The twelve pillars fell, crashing down before the light

Other pillars rose up to replace the ones that fell

But the drone, that hateful sound, was gone


The pillars were taking shape

The pillars caused new pain

Pain unlike anything felt before

It tore through the surface of self, passing through

It must be stopped

As the pillars rose up, they fell

The light, the only way forward

The light dimmed, sight increased, a corridor, one way forward

Other pillars, these creatures who bring pain, rose up

They must be stopped

Stop the pain

The sounds they made, like the sounds the pillars made, but it did not bring pain

One spoke, another acted

Two creatures approached

One spoke, they both brought pain

One fell

The other must be used, to understand the sounds

It’s mind swept bare from unrelenting force

Understanding came

It’s form must be taken

Sudden darkness

“We’ve got a live one here!”

“You alright?”

A slow nodding of the head

“What happened, where did it go?”

“It’s free.”

“Curse it all… what? Curses… Imperial guards are coming. We must go, now. What’s your name?”

“Ephreme… my name is Ephreme”

“We need to get on the ship and get out of this mess. We don’t want to be here when the Guards are. Can you walk?”

Slowly, shakily, the ability to stand on the two lower appendages came.

“Come with me” to the others “we need to get to the safehouse! Leave the rest, we’ve no time!”

Distant shouting

“Curses, they’re already here! MOVE!!!”

But it was too late.

The Imperial guards had already entered the facility. The small group that Ephreme had found himself it was surrounded.

Ephreme slipped away, leaving the group to it’s fate.

“Not so fast!”

An imperial guard had taken a position behind him.

"Soldier, your armour is bloody! I said take the heritics hostage!

“Sir! One resisted, Sir!”

“As you were. We’ve got plenty here. They’re going to wish they had died here before were done with them.”

“SOLDIERS! We are to transport these heretics to Kalia IV! Move the filth to the holding cell!”

Hopefully that’s enough RP :stuck_out_tongue:


So… I’m departing on a weeklong cruise today. I had hoped there would be Internet, but there’s not. I’ll try to participate as much as possible but it will be… Intermittent, at best.

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Paging @mattk50 @TerranAmbass @xamino @dekaku @Nos_Fi @LyskTrevise @The_Sane @Pendrokar for a new wolf game!


Tell me if the local chapter suits you, @Lomsor:

Although the Crimson Wolves are recorded as originating from the Blood Angel Legion, the Libriarians lost all tracks of their history a few hundreds of years after the Horus Heresy.It is only a dozen of decades ago, while reconquering systems on the Imperial borders, that Astropaths discovered a location that was sealed due to a very lengthy Warp Tempest.

The worlds discovered were suitable and almost ideal for a Forge world, if one ignores that Kalia system is slightly too close to the borders.
Having lost contact with the Imperial ways for many generations, it was a great surprise but also a relief to see that the Chapter managed to survive, recruit and maintain their armory. The Emperor does protect us even in dire situations, after all.

Naturally, the Crimson Wolves chapter immediately offered its loyal services for the defense of the newly integrated system. Some Librarians still view the “new” chapter with some scepticism because they know the genetic flaw that runs in their DNA and they don’t know yet how exactly will they react in stressful situations. But the Emperor guides us all and we can be sure His Hands and Thoughts will show us the right direction.


gonna have to pass on this one due to time. Regardless, im looking forward to see what heretical madness occurs

Not going to join this one… Away on holiday this week snowboarding. Have fun guys,

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Fine with me. :blush:

The fact that they only have been reunited with the empire in the relative close past is interesting.

I’m going to pass this time too, sorry. Since this isn’t my “real” account I want to avoid having to move all the PM threads / stuff if the account issue gets fixed. But I’d love to play a WH40K game… :grin:

i dont think i can join, i am really busy especially starting next week and we know these games last forever. thanks for the invite, and sorry @martindevans, i know you put a lot of work into these, just isnt a good time now for me :frowning:

Not gonna join this one. Although I find the warhammer 40k universe interesting, I just don’t know enough to play a space marine properly. That and time constraints.

Thanks for the invite but I decided to skip this one.
Finding clues and responding to walls of text written in a foreign language was already hard enough last time.
The now added roleplay in an universe I don’t know at all would be to hard for me.

Given that people seem to be busy this month, would postponing a few weeks make people more willing to join?


I wouldn’t mind this…I’m going away next week for snowboarding too and not having to think about who’s a wolf on the slopes might make my vacation less stressful.

Yep that seems like a good idea. I think I’ll leave sign ups open here, and then repost the thread in a couple of weeks (with everyone who has signed up here having a guaranteed place if they still want it).


Well, it’s February now, so maybe it’s time to make another call for sign ups?