So, did anyone else pre-order an Oculus Rift?


Ouch, worse than I thought!


vr its a future in medicine for blind people and for military purposes


I’m really interested to hear how the commercial version compares to the DK re: simulation sickness. I wasn’t able to handle the DK for more than 10 minutes without feeling like I was falling over backwards.

Do you mean legally blind people? Because I’m not sure what VR is going to do for people who are actually sightless.


They will reduce components and reverse technology . Yes, aboutblind peoples.


I can’t say anything about the DK2, but I got motion sickness in DK1, and here in CV1 I’ve played for a few hours and I haven’t gotten motion sick yet. So they’ve definitely improved it. However, I admit most of the games/apps I’ve tested so far had a fixed viewpoint ( other than Lucky’s Tale ) which I guess explains why.

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Yeah…the response since OR’s release has been tepid. Waiting to see what is said about Vive before I plop down yen.


It is a shame that from the sounds of it Occulus is going to be a mostly closed ecosystem with apps having to be submitted for approval and paying a commission to the store. It’s a very corporate thing to do and probably the most visible consequence of the Facebook takeover. For desktop VR I’m now hoping that a more consumer friendly version of the Vive will be released.

In the mid to long term I feel that mobile phone VR will take over the mainstream consumer VR market. Phones will be released with better GPUs, viewers will improve in quality and features and the whole experience will be wireless, using a screen you already own.

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I read that this was due to the fresnel lenses.

Really not liking what i;ve been hearing about the oculus store the “unauthorized apps” checkbox, and the always running process their software forces. Right now it’s just an updater/telemetry agent that is querying facebook’s servers once per 60 seconds, but obviously a background updater can introduce any functionality it wants whenever it wants and facebook isnt known for putting the consumer anywhere but last. There is also no valid reason to have a hardware updater running 24/7 rather than just when the person launches their software.

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Does the new Rift work with your old implementation in Battlescape? I saw a line in one of the configuration files in Battlescape where it was possible to enable Rift mode, thats why I am asking.


something like that

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No, it doesn’t work anymore. It was using the very first version of their SDK.

Received my Eve: Valkyrie code today. I’m installing as we speak. Now the serious stuff starts…


There is quite a bit of controversy regarding the amount of phoning home that Oculus does. It seems that by using it, people agree to have different information collected and sent to the facebook servers. Oculus said they weren’t sharing their information with facebook, but aren’t ruling out the possibility to use these stats in the future, for ad targeting.

It is a very facebook-y thing they do. I used to be interested in getting an OR, but now, honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever get one.

@Flavien I assume you have already tried out the whirligig player?
Their last update for the free player added the 1.3 SDK (which iirc is the one used for OR CV1).


Yes, but it doesn’t seem to work all the time. I dunno what’s going on with it.


I haven’t. It seems like a very expensive toy to me, and not the kind of toy I like. Plus I can’t have someone else watching at the same time.

I’m also expecting a pretty high failure rate.


What you see is actually mirrored on your regular screen on both rift and vive.


Allright, I got whirligig running. I didn’t change anything, it didn’t work yesterday but it works today. I also noticed many of the “old” demos that didn’t work yesterday started to work today. I probably missed a reboot along the way, so I guess you can disregard some of my comments about old apps not working. It’s still true to an extent ( you still need to have them being recompiled with the latest sdk ), but yesterday I had no apps outside Oculus Home running at all, while today at least external apps seem to be working.

Speaking of which, UE4’s ShowDown demo look absolutely amazing in VR. It’s mind blowing and I anticipate the days we’ll have RPGs and open world games looking like that in VR.

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I’m a little concerned about the mention of the screen door effect still being visible. I. Would have thought that at the much higher resolution of the consumer product this would have been all but eliminated.

I guess not which has me a little worried as a purchaser of an HMD from that other vendor.

Regarding future games, I cannot wait for the day when a future open world RPG a la Skyrim allows me to wander across the worlds forests, deserts and mountains in true first person.

Great days are ahead I am sure of it.


…then I may as well skip the rift and use the main screen, no?


[quote=“Memnoch, post:59, topic:1540”]
I’m a little concerned about the mention of the screen door effect still being visible. I. Would have thought that at the much higher resolution of the consumer product this would have been all but eliminated.[/quote]

The screen door effect is still visible, no matter what vendor/hardware you’ll choose. It’s not as bad as in the DK1 though, it’s more visible on bright backgrounds. On “dark” games ( horror, dark fantasy, spacey etc… ) it’s pretty much invisible; even on brighter games, your brain forgets it pretty quickly. I’d definitely love to see a 4K display in the future, but there’s no way our current generation computers can keep up with it ( not even with a 980 Ti or Titan ).