So, did anyone else pre-order an Oculus Rift?


Same here :slight_smile: Should get the “kickstarter edition” rift. Can’t wait!

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I own both the DK1 and the DK2. As far as the CV1 is concerned I will be waiting to see what the reviews are like and also perhaps waiting to see what the competition can offer, such as the HTC Vive.

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yes I did.
at first like many others I thought oeps that’s steep.
but then I did some research on Oled screens (prices and the size ect).
and then I found the thing is actually way under prized.

what you have here is a 4k monitor that weights close to nothing so you can wear it ,
wile it knows were you looking at.
a 4k monitor has a lower frame rate and cost 3times the rift.

when I realized that the decision was easily made

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Good points. But I’m tapped out after buying a GTX 980 Hybrid. Which makes me wonder: will Battlescape place demands on the GPU or CPU?

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I’m currently rocking a R9 290 Tri-X which I have no doubt will give me a sub par experience. My savings are going towards upgrading my i5 2500 to a i5 6600k along with motherboard, Ram and water cooler that will bring my pc up to the recommend specs for the Rift. Once I’m all set, in saving up for a 980 ti - hopefully the price will have dropped a few quid by then.

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Yeah, after 2 years of non-Star Citizen-optimization, my card took a beating. lol. I have only had my 980 hybrid for a day but playing on EVE was impressive. Temperature never rose above 21C.


I went ahead and pre-ordered the HTC Vive so obviously I would like to see support for that beastie. In fact, what I would love to see would be either hand or head tracking of front facing turrets. Image being able to shoot where you look!


That would not be as awesome as you might expect. The consumer headsets still have some weight and we humans are not used to doing precision aiming with our entire head - we use the eyes for that. Headtracking as aiming works quite well if you do not need that much precision and have slower gampeplay. But even then it puts a strain on your neck after some time. For something as fast as 3d space combat where precision is also very much needed, you would want eyetracking, not headtracking. That technology already exists on laboratory level VR, but afaik is not currently planned for consumer grade VR. Maybe second or third generation consumer products will introduce it, who knows. Imho, along with robust hand- and fingertracking it is one of the most promising input technologies for VR.


One recent modification being worked on (at least at MicroSoft) is a enhancement to the buffer frame rate delay. This should help out a lot for people that are susceptible to motion sickness.
I know our early testing of VR at SC even had ex-fighter pilots re-chewing their cookies!

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One over here with eye-tracking, not sure when it’s coming out though.


no, not until I can compare them all.


We have eye trackers at work. Three of them in fact and we use them for brain research. They are far too bulky to fit inside an HMD though.


Yes, I preordered a Rift. Really looking forward to it.

VR immersion is great. Was messing around with a friend’s DK and some hand trackers. Forgot where I was and put my hand into his ceiling fan. Ow. :slightly_smiling:

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I found a program that lets me stream from my PC to my phone, where I use it like the DK1 rift. The complete lack of immersion means that I don’t have to deal with the nausea that the latency would otherwise bring.


Has anybody here received their rift yet? Apparantly the optics are worse than the dk2, smaller fov and bad light streaks in high contrast situations. I would like to hear some opinions.
Anyway, I am looking forward to getting my hands on the vive hopefully next week.
One plea to the devs: I know that Flavien is a original kickstarter backer and will receive a rift. Please Mister Brebion, if you are tempted to try Battlescape with the rift and the old implementation doesn’t work anymore, please consider integrating steams OpenVr instead of the facebook system. Since it works with both headsets. I would be eternally grateful.


I received my Oculus Rift today, which was quite unexpected since I never received the shipping/tracking e-mail. In fact, I haven’t received my Eve: Valkyrie promotional code either, so I haven’t had the chance to test it, but once I do I’ll report back.

So far my impressions are mixed. I don’t have any major complaints about the hardware, as it is more or less what I expected. Everything works flawlessly, but the screen-door effect due to the limited resolution and lenses is still quite visible. No surprise there. I’m a bit disapointed by a glow/glare effect in high contrast scenes ( for example when they display some white text in the middle of a black room ), you see some kind of heavy ghosting / glaring which I don’t remember being present in the DK1 ( and afaik, neither in the DK2 ). It’s not a big deal though. So overall, good job.

No, the reason I have mixed feelings is on the software side. They created what they call the “Oculus Home”, a marketplace inside VR which acts as a central place to download / install / launch VR apps, but in the process they’ve made all their old apps/games obsolete. I haven’t been able to run any single one of the hundreds of the existing apps that were running on the DK2. Therefore at the moment, only the oculus-approved apps ( which most of them aren’t free ) are available.

In other words, unless you start paying $$, you have something like an hour of content, maybe more if you count Lucky’s Tale, which is a platform game ( so although fun it’s not exactly the most immersive VR app you’d be interested in ).

I also haven’t been able to find a decent VR player. There’s an official one on the store, but it requires you renaming files if you want stereo, and afaik you can’t visualize your own 360° videos. It’s even worse if you have 360° + stereo videos, I haven’t been able to find any working alternative. All the existing ones were made for DK2 and aren’t working on the CV1…

So yeah, good hardware, but on the software side I was expecting more from the launch. I hope that will change in the coming weeks, otherwise it looks like Oculus will be in a bad spot.


I am getting my Rift tomorrow so I will post my impressions after a long play session.

@INovaeFlavien, I believe if you go to Setting/General in Home, you can allow “Unknown Sources” this may or may not enable you to use the rift with other titles not on the Home Store, not sure.


I’m well aware of that and have done it. The problem is deeper: most of the old apps/demos used an older version of the oculus SDK and it seems like they’ve made it incompatible since release. All these old apps/demos have to be recompiled / reuploaded for them to work on the CV1, but most of their authors have now moved on to other things.

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Urgh, i sort of expected backwards compatibility… this will give me some real headache at work if we actually get a consumer rift before the project ends. If not, someone else will have the fun of porting everything later…