So, did anyone else pre-order an Oculus Rift?


Just wondering If anyone else jumped on the pre-order earlier this week?

I did succumb and ordered one early so in hoping for a March delivery. My love of space sims is one strong reason for this purchase as anyone who has spent time on Elite Dangerous with a DK2 will understand.

I do hope that inovae will eventually offer Rift support. I know the engine can accommodate it but I understand that the overhaul involved to get the menus and hud working is no small task and at this stage shouldn’t be a priority, but I live in hope that one day It’ll be a reality!

So who else is excited for VR?

Any one else preordered the Rift?

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price is too high for me at the moment, 740€ is no small investment


I do know a work colleague that finally bought it when his best friend told him he purchased it.

This is a heavy price though and he was not very happy with it.

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Yeah, the price needs to come down before I buy one. But do look forward to VR. Here is some info on competing companies:


Oh agreed the price certainly took me by surprise, but I have managed to get almost half the required amount instantly from selling my DK2 so that has helped.

I think Palmer Luckey is correct in saying that VR is something most people will want before is something most people can afford, but I do believe mass adoption will occur over the next 5 or so years and I do hope companies like inovae will take it seriously once more pressing issues are resolved.

It would be interesting to hear whether Keith or Flavian have secured a pre-order? :grin:


Agreed. VR is the future and the next few years will see a lot of progress. Personally I hope I-Novae adapts VR in the near future but it would be good to make sure there are reasonably priced quality products out first.

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atm my vague expectation is that vive will end up being better and have a similar price. Whether or not that ends up being the case, im not buying into either until both are released and in the hands of other people so i can see whats working best.


I like Vive more than OR, at least in terms of capability in that you can move around, or stand on the bridge and operate controls. Sure there will be other comparative products in the next two years so no rush to jump into OR.


No rush for me in the VR sector. Aside from the fact that more hardware will come along soon and the prices will drop, I’d need a major PC upgrade to run anything in VR.


Jupp, I’m probably going with the vive too. I think it has a much better future with valve behind it, and I really don’t want to give Zuckerberg my money.


Oh yeah, i forgot to mention the potential of two high tech infrared cameras wired up to map your whole room owned by facebook. What could go wrong. With vive, valve is more trustworthy and more importantly their lighthouses arent cameras in the first place. The camera is on the headset which can easily just be put away and isnt constantly pointed at everything.


There are going to be some great developments in the VR area later in 2016… why I am holding off. “Samsung Gear VR” has a much easier set currently running $365 US, and Microsoft’s VR development teams will be coming out with lighter @ Higher Definition glasses too. All @ 1/2 the price!


I will probably wait a while before considering getting any kind of VR device. Mostly because of money reasons but also I want to see where things go before leaping into VR. If I do get a headset I would probably go with the Vive instead of the Oculus Rift since that room scale experience looks so cool. Also Valve is awesome. I don’t know if I would have the space for it sadly.


No I didn’t. In Europe the price is even higher than in the US (around 800 USD). I wait until the price drops.

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Since I was an early KS backer I’ll get the release rift for free, so I’m pretty happy. Good PR move from OVR IMO. I was surprised at the high price though. Most magazines I read had placed the bar at the 400-500$ range.


Wow lucky for you Flavien, unfortunately I was late to that party and didn’t get my DK1 until a good 6 months later!


It’s coming from the “Official” sources of OR devs stating that it should be around there. But they never cemented it. Honestly they should’ve kept their mouths shut, also I believe that even this price is even subsidized by the facebook buyout. Also enthusiast level gear (Basically first generation) is never cheep. And considering you’re getting two monitors higher then 1080 quality that’s basically already 300 dollars right off the bat. Not to surprising if you didn’t read any of the articles honestly.

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Maybe the devs should have read the articles before giving an estimate.

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Gonna wait a bit myself to see some reviews of both, and also the new video cards slated to come out. I think that combo will be a nice double-whammy on my wallet.

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Nope as always with brand new Tech I wait until the second or third iteration before spending money - it’s just good sense.

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