So, did anyone else pre-order an Oculus Rift?


Hey Flavien, seeing you wear glasses, any problem using OR? Also you mentioned getting Valkyrie - how was that in VR?


It’s a bit tight with glasses, but it’s okay, you get used to it and it doesn’t hurt.

As for Eve: Valkyrie, I must say that game looks amazing in VR ( which is pretty funny because it looks pretty average on your screen due to low-res textures/geometry ). It runs really smoothly too despite me being under the minimum specs ( Radeon 7970 ) and I didn’t feel any motion sickness in the hour I played, but I might be a particular case since I’m used to playing 360° in space, hehe. The “maps” are pretty small and repetitive, they’re made of ships/structures, wreckage and asteroids with pretty planet backgrounds and nebulae, but it doesn’t feel like there’s much content. Solo seems very limited to tutorial missions ( which are nice but very short ), some free flight and surviving NPC waves. Not exactly very deep. The meat is in the multiplayer; I tried team deathmatch and had a blast, with some good action and fancy special effects. It looked a bit repetitive though, so I’m not sure the game is worth $60 on its own. Immersion in VR is impressive, one of the best and most comfortable experiences I’ve had.

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Flavien, has your experience with VR led you to reconsider it’s importance for Battlescape? The reviews I am seeing from VR in Elite are ecstatic, people will not go back to Elite without VR.

If this implementation is already blowing people away, then I can imagine VR becoming a major gaming demand in the next year. In that case, VR may shift from a “nice to have” for battlescape to something approaching a requirement.

Have you and the team discussed this?


And for some guys who have no girlfriend :joy:

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The reason we aren’t implementing VR right now isn’t because we don’t like it or don’t believe in it, but because we lack resources and have to make hard choices. Therefore no, this isn’t changing our stance on VR.


How long would it take to implement OpenVr into Battlescape in your estimation?
Is time/to few programmers or money the limiting factor? Because I am pretty sure this community could get reddit/r/oculus and reddit/r/vive to pledge at least 10k additional dollar towards a basic OpenVr integration stretchgoal. :stuck_out_tongue: I would at least put another 50$ on top of my current pledge. :smiley:
You mentioned some time ago that real vr support needs custom user interfaces, but I saw a lot of games that just displayed the ingame menus on a flat plane fixed to the cockpit location for example, is this very complicated to do?
Anyway, battlescape is an awesome game even in this early state, I am sure it will do really well without vr, its just that I want both haha.

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Quick Progress Reports - Engineering

I understood the original reason why not, I was wondering if the experience would lead to reprioritization. However, you sound like the answer is no and I completely respect that.

Better to have solid priorities than be constantly changing, IMO.


I backed FOVE on kickstarter, so I can’t really say I have anything physical yet, but they seem to be staying the course pretty well. Anyway, if there is no support in-game for VR, is it still possible to play with a headset? I imagine even if the game does not support it, there are probably some third party applications that could, and with the “leaked” specs for the GTX 1080Ti, I feel pretty confident that having one of those would obliterate any issues with rendering enough frames.

Basically, if you have a machine that can just brute force integration through third party software, is there any reason for VR to not be viable?

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Everyone needs to realize that with any 3D set of Glases: like Oculus Rift: You must have the bandwidth and the Horse power for min of 65-70 fps (frames per second)! If not, you’d better be a Fighter Jet Pilot with a stomach of STEEL. I would like to pickup the Oculus, or maybe one of the newer (smaller) glasses that are popping up, but due to my Inner Ear…well, lets just say I am hopeful…(?) :worried: