Roberts Space Industries - Star Citizen


I haven’t checked Derek’s website in a month or more. You know, I think I’m officially over my CR and SC break up.

  • I got my refund in time :slight_smile:

I see :sweat_smile:

Ok, ill bite. :crazy_face:

… you don’t mind that she is now scre**** with Mattk, right ?


In other news, forbes posted something a couple of days ago. Forgot about it until a site regurgitated the article by basically just translating it haphazardly today.


“The Alpha 3.6 patch has landed in the Persistent Universe, bringing with it a new law system, black market economy, expanded in-game ship purchasing, and more.”

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An update to the CryTek vs CIG court case:


Obvious conclusions to obviously bogus lawsuits aside, this is where we’re at gameplay wise:


this game has a lot of innovative and original approaches both technical and visually that makes it head and shoulders above the overrated star citizens. i recently just loaded her up again and the new stuff is beautiful and the gameplay is compelling and engaging. commanding the destroyer is a joy. the explosion effects are perfect and very well optimized with a good balance between visual quality and performance. i wonder how it’s done, some kind of shader effect? good old sprites with special materials? anyway that’s the innovation i like to see which makes this game stand out.