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Sadly not…


Latest in the Crytek v CIG lawsuit. From the guy.

More info and court documents in 1st post here.

And a 2018 recap, from the guy.


So Crytek is asking for an extension this time. Is this a first in this case or have they already asked for an extension before?

I glanced over the financials report from CIG (or is it now called CI? There was a renaming) for the years between 2012 and 2017, and from what I can tell, even though CIG burned more money in the last years than they took in, they still have enough money saved up to go another 3-ish years (assuming that nothing changes drastically on the income department, which is something Derek Smart is working on since… 2014?), so what exactly was the recent “CIG is bankrupt” stuff about again?


“Plaintiff Crytek GmbH respectfully submits this notice pursuant to the Court’s
Orders of December 6, 2018 (ECF No. 49) and December 27, 2018 (ECF No. 51).
Plaintiff hereby notifies Defendants and the Court that it will not be amending the
Second Amended Complaint at this time. Plaintiff reserves its rights to seek leave to
amend its pleading pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 15(a)(2) at a later
stage of the proceedings in this action.
Respectfully submitted,
/s/ James Y. Pak
JAMES Y. PAK (SBN 304563)
525 University Avenue, Suite 1400
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 470-4500
(650) 798-4570
Attorneys for Plaintiff
Crytek GmbH”


This term is often misused, but in this case it was quite literally FUD being spread by dsmart to get positive attention and drive by clicks from people who want SC to implode.


They’re not bankrupt, but they have been burning through pledges almost as fast as they come in. They were down to $14.2 million in the bank as of 2017, which doesn’t cover a year at their current burn rate. They would have massive layoffs if pledges dried up over night.

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But this is true to each and every indie game developer that relies on one or other form of funding. Look at what happened to Telltale games. For what we know if tomorrow all gamers migrate to EPIC Games due to some sort of Patreon like outrage around Steam, Valve will be cut on all their funding and burn all their bank millions as fast as SC… So why all this fuelled speculations and hate around SC? Don’t you think it’s irrational and moved mainly by DS being butt hurt?

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I think we have watched a different video, where do you see only dull grey? I see contrasting white and grey everywhere, yellow railing, all white corridors with grey inserts, white rooms with yellow markings and railings ecc…
Outside grey maybe is a light and radio waves absorbing paint to make it harder to detect for long range scanners, maybe vantablack is still too expensive.


You MUST be kidding, trolling or you are simply completely ill-informed, Lamberyard == Cry Engine with support to Amazon Web Services out of the box and it’s free.

This was planned right from the start of Kickstarter and part of Crytek development roadmap on Cry Engine, along with PBT. No ‘scam’ or ‘feature creep’ here.

In last year they sold if I’m not counting wrong 8 concept ships and delivered more than 18 flyable ships (and 10 variants).

I’ll repeat myself here but, Lamberyard == Cry Engine with support to Amazon Web Services out of the box and it’s free. It’s actually a really smart move because now they do not need to pay Crytek royalties and they can use cheap Amazon Server farm power.

Modifying ToS to adapt to new realities is a normal thing. Apple, Unity, Crytek and others are all modifying their ToS yearly (if not even more periodically).

Only the ones who attacked them was not treated relly well, but even they got their refunds. All others are receiving their refunds as requested even if they Donated money, not bought a product…

So I don’t see your point, mainly because all you are mentioning is wrong or backed by wrong suppositions/data…


You’re kidding. You’re kidding, right?

Vs a few real warship interiors:

Painting the walls and ceiling brightly isn’t a new idea, and I doubt humanity is going to forget how to do it any time soon.

*I will admit that a big part of the problem is that it’s lit terribly, and I hope that’ll be rectified for the finished version rather than being left as-is for ‘mood lighting’.


Your last picture has exactly the same colours as Idris but with more illumination!
Inside Idris there also quite illuminated rooms like the galley.

My point was that it’s white, grey and yellow and not only grey. Maybe it lacks illumination but my point still holds.


I never said it was only grey. My point has consistently been that using a dull grey to paint the majority of the interior of a ship is stupid, and that IRL navies have known this for literal centuries.


They’re definitely going for the more Cinematic look in their interiors (from what you’ve shown) Which mostly comes from the lighting. Very dark, dramatic lighting with limited accent colours.

A nice comparison of different starship interiors across Star Trek ships. Note the Cinematic moody look of the movies, vrs the highly illuminated “Made for TV” look of the series.

Either style works for me, although I think I prefer the brighter interiors.


Think Crimson Tide

…We’re down to mood lighting here!!

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agreed. it’s interesting how new and original things can look if we actually take a look at the real things. no one wants to stare at depressive greys and charcoal colors all day. anything that requires human interaction will likely be painted a bright or neutral light color. imagine if they made a movie or game where the warship interiors were brightly lit and had light green floors, white walls, was clean, etc. it would be a novelty as opposed to the braindead samey sets and interiors plaguing 99% of sic fi films

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I understand the vitriol when talking about CGI and SC, I was a backer but got a refund eventually the one thing driving that was mis spent investments aka… “$46m investment is dedicated to marketing Squadron 42” amongst other “wastes” of money developing CG from star actors where none were actually needed. This game could have been released on its original premise in 2014 and have been further developed with DC but I see Squadron 42 as the epitome of CR’s vision of a space game that is in reality a soap opera where we the players pay rent to be a bit actor in it.

I dont care how or when the game is finally finished, as buying the game is the first step into becoming a paying spectator and believe me if you dont pay you wont play or at least end up just being part of the background noise because you havent got the financial clout.


star citizens will probably end up being fine, maybe even great. i’ve waited two decades for a game before and don’t regret it at all.

the problem? the ship designs are garbage.


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That may be an April Fools, but I don’t see it being long before it’s a serious product


It’s been awfully quiet… I wonder how Star Citizen is doing.
… Might as well post the latest Around the Verse:

Also, apparently they have a trello-ish roadmap board: