Patch 0.2+ - Feedback thread


@AusQB do you know how you broke it, Keith is on discord trying to reproduce the problem, it’s not easy?


I know what the problem is now and I think I might be able to fix it from our end without the need to roll out a patch. Thanks all for your help!

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Here’s a mega mirror for all those that have speed issues downloading trough launcher!lwdVgAKQ!_I_dGEUas8kNjptHL8xZPPy2hN62ZeUCxYZZws62BiQ


Some more impressions:

Frozen moon is just jaw dropping. One would just hop out and ski down some of the slopes :skier::+1:

Flight path marker (prograde + retrograde indicators) would be useful in combat mode as well … strangely i use them the other way around, exploration for combat and combat for sightseeing.
Because there is less target clutter in combat mode on the sides. I guess removing any targets besides planetary bodies, stations + selected target from the … “combat” mode :rofl: would be beneficial as well.
When one wants to “combat” those sights one doesn’t need to know where ….THE Combat is. :crazy_face:

Separate energy pool for engines and weapons.
Not necessarily more energy. It could be the same amount just split into two.
You either fire and fight, or when you are out of weapon juice you ru-… … hmm … …not run because you are out of juice. :thinking:

Atmospheric flight …again :zipper_mouth_face: (interceptor)
It feels rigid. Perhaps some kind of smoothing or dampening of the movements could help.
Or combination bellow could be the cause of strange atmo flight feel……unless it is more or less intentional.

Small Drag in atmosphere.
Very strong thrusters.
Next to no lift in atmosphere….or flight vector deflection during …frankly any angle of attack.

Thrusters might not be the cause it could be perfect with tweaked atmosphere density/drag/lift
What i would say about thrusters is how they keep you in the air no mater how you are oriented.
When you hover in atmosphere and just start spinning wildly its is really funny.:upside_down_face::crazy_face:
But again it could benefit from that atmosphere tweaking.
…or perhaps making side thrusters weaker then top and bottom ones ?...but that would lead to elite dangerous everywhere…. Ok maybe rather not :smile:

View/camera/head movement
Is great way to add to immersion i like it. :+1:
But i think there is one more missing and that is acceleration deceleration.
I think there is head tilt coupled with movement speed, but not acceleration.:point_right::point_left:

NPC chatter.
Is nice when alone but it can get annoying when people are around trying to communicate and NPCs keep spamming the chat.
Perhaps showing chat history when “enter”/communication key is engaged with scrolling ….

Please keep in mind i don’t try bash your work. What you do is stellar given the size of Inovae team.
And what i describe can be completely intentional by inovae. It is just opinion, it can be wrong. :wink:


I agree 100% with both points.

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No need to apologize. That’s exactly the kind of feedback we need :):wink:


Bug with turrets on carrier. Not sure if this applies to all capital ships, but I have noticed sometimes they stop shooting properly, so this could be why.

The turrets tracked a target all the way round to 180degrees behind me (so turrets were facing backwards). Turrets all then stopped rotating as the target moved round to the left.
When I deselected the target, the left turrets had the sense to rotate back to forward position (anti-clockwise I might add, following the same arc back as they had originally rotated). However, the right turrets stayed stuck backwards and now won’t fire!

Edit: warping to a new location and selecting a target to my right unstuck those turrets.


Sometimes i can be way too critical. …or word things unpolitely.
Thank you for understanding.


Some unsorted feedback:

  • Still fun! Nice Star Wars-y feeling with those big blobby battles and blaster bolts flying everywhere.
  • Direct control sensitivity needs to be multiplied by 5 or 10. At max setting, I can barely lug the interceptor around.
  • There really needs to be a “this is where I’m trying to point at” cursor on direct control mode. The lack of feedback is terribad for fast precise movements. And with my ageing computer, some versions (like the current one) have a slight input lag on, which makes this problem much worse.
  • Those ground buildings are so big, it messes with my sense of scale. I can’t wait to see how it will look with enough smaller details to show how big they really are. Stations have a bit of the same problem, but the capships themselves help already.
  • There needs to be some ground texture around those buildings. Something like industrial dirt, for example, with lack of grass/ice, to show they are not simply mausoleums left by nomad spacers.
  • Situational awareness is catastrophic. I got ambushed by capships with an interceptor or couldn’t properly defend myself with corvette/capship because there is no way to know what is around, at what range, what is firing at me or pretty much anything that is not close and in front of me.
  • Ctrl-look mouse sensitivity is much too low
  • Ctrl-look needs a cursor, so I can see what target I’m trying to select
  • Ctrl-look interacts with cursor control mode, with weird results when trying to manoeuvre a capship
  • Doubletap-ctrl needs to be a single key, as sometimes it needs to be used very fast. Having to doubletap it is wasting a precious fraction of second, and requires attention needed elsewhere.
  • Enemies seem to have ridiculously high health. It takes me on average about ten times as many hits to destroy an interceptor than it takes for other ships to shoot mine. Not sure if it is a NPC-specific weirdness or something about hit detection.
  • Distant ships sometimes aren’t updated properly, with movement vector jumping around, making aiming pretty much impossible
  • Middle mouse button is dead on my mouse, how do I switch that on mouse button 4 or 5? In fact, changing the key config file seems to have no effect…
  • I love how planet-shine colours the ice moon! it looks fantastic (literally, in fact).
  • Can’t wait for bombers to have anti-heavy secondary weapons! Cruisers, I’ll have my revenge!
  • At some point I duelled with another player, and we shot at each-other (and mostly missed) for so long that from the station, we ended up on the surface. My first hint was when we started leaving trails. My second hint was when I unceremoniously slammed into the ground, because I hadn’t paid attention to the actual altitude. Needless to say it was awesome!
  • I have found why the destroyer has this particular colour scheme:

    It is a camouflage: those destroyers are natives from the ice moon! I haven’t found their breeding grounds yet, but the search continues…

Just played after a week long break. What happened to the interceptor? It’s a lot harder to aim with now (absolutely awful).

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Patch notes Naiba!

The gimbal for the interceptor that was put in last weekend has been removed for the alpha test. Still there for the bomber.

AI has been adjusted too, and a few other changes!

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I never tried it with the gimbal. It might just be the awkward temporary setup I have at the moment, but the interceptor feels far more difficult to aim now than it did before the gimbal was added in the first place.


The direct control mode is not direct control in the traditional meaning of the word, it means your inputs control the thrusters rather than a ‘desired heading’ cursor.

So there is no such thing as a “this is where I’m trying to point at” cursor in direct control mode.

I have long suggested such a control mode however:


When did you last play? Flavien also changed the way direct mode works. It no longer has infinite acceleration but spreads the desired ship movement over more time. This introduces some input lag when and only when going above the ships max acceleration speed.

There has been many more changes though which may have idirect effect on what you are experiencing. Maybe try to nail down what exactly it is. Also try to watch engagement distances and speeds! Due to the new AI the usual engagement has changed. Usually more absolute speed and more distance to the NPCs as they are not always trying to get close to you.

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Unaligned turrets often fire, even when the target is completely out of their firing arc (on the other side of the ship). They should hold fire to save energy.

Edit: the “overcharge weapons” is a bit awkward: it is great to maximize DPS whith a full energy bar, but once it is empty it is counter-productive, as it slows down the recharge of the energy pool and therefore hurts the DPS pretty badly for no benefits. I suggest to deactivate it (for faster charging) when the energy is depleted and reactivate it above a threshold.


In addition, it stops shield charging even when not firing, which requires fiddling with the menu for switching in combat


My 0.2.4 feedback …

I love, LOVE, the added full 6 axis control in warp. It is so liberating. It’s like playing a fully Newtonian game all over again … but this time freely fling between moons instead of asteroids in a ring. It’s great. It also fixed a minor bug with the previous version (had some kind of lateral control but only when accelerating and only in one direction of the axis).
This addition has allowed me to increase my travel speed immensely, increase my land precision and do cool stuff like drift around a moon more easily. Definitely pushed up the skill ceiling, like it a lot. Even wishing for a “Auto-Assist” off mode (no speed select). :smiley:
Limit warp however you want … where to warp, when to warp, how fast to warp. That’s all alright but lateral control is just amazing … please give it a hard thought what other options there are when there’s a conflict with how the game should behave before axing the feature.

New AI is interesting. A lot more movement play. There’s a lot of stuff that could be done but I think the AI is already farther than I would have though possible at this stage. If Flavien wants to improve it I could investigate more. It’s a rather complex topic though and I’m going to leave it for the future.

I’m going to drop my biggest concern now. There are a lot of situations where the limitation of the Netcode show at the moment.

During the Weekend I had a ping between 100 and 200 ms. (As shown in the Debug Framestat Menu.) Usually arround 140. Often it jitter up to 200 and down to 100.

Last time I seen these numbers were, I think, on Wednesday, the server was loaded and there was a lot of teleporting ships. Flavien noted that it may be the server overloaded due to the new turret tracking code.

Maybe that’s fixed now but my ping numbers stayed about the same. Teleporting was less the issue but I was able to see following effects:

  • Collisions are really wonky. I did a lot of close fly-bies of capital ships this weekend and it happend quite offten that it looked like I passed the ship but then collided with an invisible box. I was going between 1 to 2 km/s. (Hit and runs)
  • The game really badly handles the instant deceleration when dropping out of warp. There’s always a jolt when you get teleportet back.
  • Sometimes weapon fire hits target ship but does not register. It doesn’t happen often but it is noticeable. I would guess every 100th hit.
  • The switch from low update rate to high update rate is a little jarring. Maybe more steps in between would help … maybe there are no steps but currently it is quite annoying.

I’m ok with the netcode. It does its job. One could now change gameplay to more fit the limitation … or just ignore it and have players with a higher ping experience these drawbacks. I don’t know. I gave it some leeway but it was quite jarring. I would accept some of the issues if the gameplay would really make use of all the potential the gameworld has. (Moving battlescaps, chases, long range (visible and maybe fast) engagement, hit and runs).

I was able to do my hit and runs on large targets and beside that one time I hit, what I guess was, the future position of the cruiser, it mostly went without a hitch.


UI suggestion to make warp more understandable:

There is still an issue displaying how warp operates on the player’s screen (regarding entry/exit speed). I would attach pictures, but I’m on my phone!

It might make it more obvious if the standard speed indicator freezes (perhaps changing colour). Then the warp speed could be displayed on top of it, or to the side in its own way (even if that’s just a blue bar above the frozen normal-speed bar).

Reasonably simple change that would just help understanding.

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That’s not the netcode, that’s the physics; everything is done with bounding boxes. It’s not an issue with small ships but with the large capital ships ( destroyer+ ) when you’re flying close to them with a small ship ( interceptor ), you will definitely hit the bounding box while you’re still dozens of meters away from the actual geometry.

This will get addressed at a later stage, probably between alpha and beta.

This should be a relatively simple fix.

This is not easily fixable. Due to the randomization in the latency, it can happen that you hit on the client but miss on the server, or vice-versa.

The #1 issue there is when a ship jumps from just being an indicator, to being a full fledge actor. Indicators atm are updated once per second. Actual actors, depends on many factors, including size on screen, distance, threat level etc… So it’s definitely possible for a ship to jump from 1 update per second to 16 updates per second or more - which will make the ship quickly jump around. More work is needed on that part of the game, but it’s probably fixable.

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What does everyone think about slowwarping? By that i mean the ability to stay in warp at speeds well below 1000m/s and near instantly accelerate out of any trouble because you do not need to wait for the warp drive to charge as you are still in warp?