Patch 0.2+ - Feedback thread

You cannot fight while in warp, so currently there is no value in that. What do you use it for?

In my opinion warp should be limited to higher speeds but that’s not an issue ATM.

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You should try it. You can use it for many many things in combat.

As I said somewhere. It’s not inherently bad. They need to decide if they want that. It makes certain maneuvres a lot faster.
You can drop right on top of enemies.
You can change your out of warp vectors direction really easily. Very useful for hit and runs.
If you have the energy you can decide if you want to engage or not.
You can change position inside of the battlefield to any other position in less than 10 seconds.

First should be decided how people should engage and travel to places. When they should be allowed to, what they need to do to be able to etc etc.
Then the warp system can be designed to fit that goal.

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I do all that at 1-2 km/s. Granted, I need to circle a bit longer but it lets shields recharge for the next pass and I can dodge enemy fire.

This! It makes engagements much faster, no need to wait 5 minutes to finally get to the enemy anymore. Just slow warp towards the target.
I like the slow warping, +1 for keeping it.


It’s an exploit basically, instead of skillfully navigating out of warp, you hit a button.

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Depends how you look at it, I view it more as a fortunate testing result that makes for great gameplay. :grinning:

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And allows anyone who can set the warp entrance velocity and press a button to never learn how to slowly exit the warp safely.

To keep that feature in, damage should be applied as a function of difference between warp pre-exit velocity and exit velocity, the more of a hard stop that you achieve the more damage you take.

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I was watching Lomsor and KateClicks streams yesterday. And Lomsors warp attacks on bigger targets and circles around the moons looked way more fun than Kate flying towards a target at way to low speeds because she didn’t want to overshoot. It was a bit like watching paint dry on a wall… :sunglasses:

The thing I’m currently seeing in dogfights with conventional thrust is, if you’re approaching way to fast you will overshoot your target by a huge distance. It’ll take ages to correct your trajectory to come back and continue the fight. In warp you’re way more nimble. I think the point where normal speed ends and warp continues could be adjusted. Or we could use more powerful main thrusters to counter that. Automatic warp above a certain speed could be useful too in these cases. It all comes down to spending more time actually fighting then trying to get to the fight.

PS. Newtonian physics are cool, but if fights end up being joust festivals it’s less fun imho.


Some issues with Neuwirth base. Hinge showing up through the ceiling:

Placement issues (it’s the most interesting site I’ve seen for a base BTW):

Edit: switching target should be possible as soon as the kill notification appears.


So my Discord bot collects server player data, made a quick graph to illustrate the player population, you can clearly see the impact the patch and the alpha weekend had on it. Below is a link to the raw data if anyone is interested.