Neptunes Pride 2 : Triton - Discussion and Community Games

Continuing the discussion from Space Station 13 (& Other Games?):

Hey folk,

I was looking for a slow paced game that plays out over several weeks that could be played besides forum games like Wolf game and such. So I stumbled upon Neptunes Pride 2 : Triton. It is a tipical 4X game that combines it with boardgame style strategy (positions, development and science of other players known / depending on game settings).

This thread has the purpose of discussing the game and organizing community games.

When joining a community game you are free to use your forum name but you don’t have to. Also feel free to invite friends of you to join.

The admin of a game can reactivate people who were AFK and have been replaced by NPCs by the game. If you hadn’t had time to keep track and want to reactivate just send me a pm. The admin further can force start a not yet full game, pause the game and jump forward in time. If you feel the game needs any of this just discuss in this thread.

So join in and grow your empire! May it be with Diplomacy, Trade, Science, Exploration or Military means.

And it starts:

Stellar Amusement ( is the first community game.

Password is: “rickandmorty

There are 8 slots and it has nearly default settings.

I’m in.
Really hope this doesn’t take over my life.

I’m in.
I also hope it won’t ruin the ambiance between players here in the forum. This game is nicknamed the Friendship destroyer after all…

Ah ThornEel I see you have some experience. - 2 victories, rank 17!

I’m in.

I’ll try most things once.

Yeah, I played twice and got lucky both times. In the second game, There were a bunch of AFKers around me, so it made things easier. And in the second game, I was the only one to think about trading techs with the AIs - something that wouldn’t work nearly as well now, as AIs will trade between themselves.

I’m in.

Don’t worry, there’s always Minecraft to get us back together on friendly terms. :smiley:

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I’ll give it a shot.


Wow. Only one slot left.

Oh **** I’m in the middle!

Well, I did a few things that… did something. I’m going to watch some actual tutorials tomorrow. Maybe that can explain what I just spent my money on.

I have one question.

Who leads the Cornbread Empire?

Huldrakal center much?

Well good luck and have fun!

Ah neptune’s pride, the game of alliances that rise and fall so rapidly, i might join you once my finals are over

Good luck. Work hard! You’ll thank yourself later!

We strange-hat-elves stick together lol.

Frak, not only I am 11 hours left, but I’m also stuck in a corner! This is going to be … interesting.

Well, this is off to an interesting start… I’m also in a corner, and my main border is with hrobertson, who hasn’t wasted a single carrier in expanding in all directions.

This is already awesome… :smiley: