Modding Battlescape

This thread is intended for everything Battlecape mod-related.
In a couple of months, when the dev tier backers will get access, this will undoubtedly happen!

I was already able to change some configurations in the Prototype. Check out my video:

Obviously offical mod-support will take a long time. In the meanwhile, this thread also gives the developers the opportunity to tell us what is okay to mod and what they don’t like to see.


Nice! I really hope we get modding included in the game at some point! I can’t play a game for longer then a few hours before I try to take it apart and screw around with the inner workings.

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. . . Damn that was quick.

Well, I would rather call this “messing with parameters” than modding.

Its funny to see how people act as if this was a giant leap for mankind.

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TARS only described it as “changing some configurations”, and I don’t see anyone overreacting as you suggest.


It’s a great example of how tweaking a few parameters can give a very different experience. Atmospheric color/density/etc in particular can really change the mood and general appearance of a planet.


You do know that editing games data files is what modding is right?
This is a mod.


Well, yeah, by definition a mod is a modification of any kind, usually one that goes outside the normal settings of the game. So that is a mod.

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Nice to see that kind of thread :wink:
It’s not huge, but it’s certainly a step forward :slight_smile:

About what the devs want or don’t want to see, I guesss that as long as you don’t reverse-engineer the code and distribute it, that will be fine. Some other companies sometimes accept this kind of tinkering, like Mojang for Minecraft, but it’s a bit of another story :wink:

Now see if you can turn on those experimental clouds!


I can :grin: , but they only look good when they are viewed from the surface of a planet.

Do they still look bad in high orbit?

I enabled the clouds for the mars like planet, when I viewed the planet from a distance the clouds in the day/night line look weird. In high orbit they also look bad.

Personally I think, clouds would offer more to many people than they can handle. I just had some thrilling flights (as a passenger) where many clouds was involved. Surely, the pilots did not see anything when they passed the fantastic looking structures. Great, but thrilling experience when there are a lot of invisible bumpers in the air that shake the plane.

From that perspective something like an “electronic cloud guidance support system” should be a must if clouds are in. Of course, the tactical fun would be to jam the ecgss of your opponent and play blind man’s buff…

Meanwhile are there some other mods you tried? Would be interesting to see some different atmospheric effects, like a high density atmosphere and its effects to ships at higher speeds.
Or the rings of the planet. Is it possible to change the density of debris/asteroids and the occurence of different sizes?

Jepp, If I remember correctly that is all configurable. The rings can also be turned off completely.

Add rings to everything, add rings to rings!



What record is that, dark side of the moon perhaps?


It’s the galaxy’s largest known rings, discovered a while ago. This is an artist’s impressions sure, but it really is that big. Maybe bigger.

For reference, if Saturn had those rings, we wouldn’t just be able to see them, they would take up a goodly portion of sky real estate: