Modding Battlescape


Those are some big damned rings right there!

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There have been *requests* to make a planet with rings that big in IBS. Although it’s possible for the engine to handle it with ease, they stated that it’s probably not going to be included.

But who knows…

Anyways, a great modding opportunity.

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Oh dear. That looks like someone just exploded a small moon. The odds of successfully navigating that asteroid field would be pretty low.



earth like planets rings intersecting with gas giant:


Hmm… I wonder… What’s it like flying with asteroids inside the atmosphere of a planet? It would certainly look alien, especially if you make the asteroids green or something. Unless there’s too much of a slowdown with all that stuff around.

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Oh wow, I don’t think even myself tried to push the parameters to such extremes. So funny.


My god, it’s full of asteroids! :scream:

I think this is asking for a YouTube video…


All those asteroids where a planet used to be… is that a moon moving away in the background?


Yes totally needs a video and also to see rings as big from sky of another moon. To make like on the photo with the church


It’s probably too slow to record a real time video. I haven’t pushed the density that high in my tests because it was getting under 60 fps. It probably ran at 10-20 fps max.


The asteroids look alot as if they have to have a minimal size to get rendered at all. I’d really like to know how it would look (especially at this density) if also smaller asteroids are still rendered.

Addition: In front of the bright planet it is clearly visible, that the distant asteroids are alpha-blendet. In my oppinion, this doesn’t look good and also looks surreal. A better approach would be, if they would simply get scaled from zero size to the final size instead of ramping the alpha from 0.0 to 1.0.


Can you put those kind of rings around the gas giant instead of the earthy planet, and show how it looks from the planet itself?


I think some of those things are hard coded. They’re just editing some XML values. There’s no planet editor yet.

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That actually should be possible, just need to copy/paste the ring settings to the gas giant’s XML file.

However we’re going to shut down the server today, as the KS campaign finishes. So to play with these things more you’ll have to wait january.


Can’t wait. It is a real privilege to experience the world(s) you’ve created.


@Playbenni got it. Personally I don’t know how the size distribution of debris/asteroids is in real life rings and just like to know how it would look the best.
Lately Flavien showed us the high detailed rendered 500km asteroid in the kickstarter update. One or some more of similar sized (50km - 300km) ones blazing a trail through the rings surounded and even orbited by really small sized debris would form really cool ring structures. Is there also a collision physic in the INovae engine for asteroids?
*plans a kind of asteroid orbital bombardment by using tractor beams… :scream:

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Lets share config files!

Here one for earth like blue atmosphere for the terrestrial moon.

Open: C:\Program Files\Infinity Battlescape Prototype\Dev\Projects\Infinity Battlescape\Config\planets\terrestrial.xml


Change the atmosphere values to:

<Atmosphere State="true" > <Thickness Value="80.0" /> <BetaR Red="0.0027" Green="0.0080" Blue="0.0192" /> <HR Value="8.0" /> <BetaMSca Red="0.00120" Green="0.00190" Blue="0.00250" /> <BetaMEx Red="0.0120" Green="0.0190" Blue="0.0250" /> <HM Value="4.0" /> <G Value="0.7" /> </Atmosphere>


Nice pics, but I wish more people would use the Extreme quality setting for landscape shots. Those jagged mountains hurt my eyes :wink:

Actually somebody should try making comparison pics between setting levels, could be interesting.


Here are my modified settings for the mars like planet:
CAUTION: Back up every file you touch, I don’t take responsibility for botched installations. :wink:

Open: C:\Program Files\Infinity Battlescape Prototype\Dev\Projects\Infinity Battlescape\Config\planets\mars.xml

Change the atmosphere values to:

<Atmosphere State="true" >
    <Thickness Value="120.0" />
    <BetaR Red="0.0053" Green="0.0040" Blue="0.0032" />
    <HR Value="7.5" />
    <BetaMSca Red="0.030" Green="0.003" Blue="0.002" />
    <BetaMEx Red="0.030" Green="0.009" Blue="0.009" />
    <HM Value="2.0" />
    <G Value="0.8" />

Delete all the .tga texture files in this folder:
C:\Program Files\Infinity Battlescape Prototype\Dev\Projects\Infinity Battlescape\Textures\Mars

Start the prototype and try to get into the game, the game will then crash because the textures are missing. This step is important because otherwise it won’t load the replaced textures.

Now place the modified textures from this link

into the folder.

After that you can start the game and the mars like planet should look different.

EDIT: Changed the atmosphere settings a bit