Wallpaper - Give Us Your Best Shot! (Image Intensive)


What does it mean “modded” atmosphere? Realtime mod or post processing?

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I changed the RGB values describing the atmosphere color in
the Terrestrial planet’s config settings file, before I start the game.


wow amaze its so resourcefully


Here’s a link to a short description of what is possible at the moment: (with extreme examples).


I’m sorry Flav but I prefer the modded amosphere by @SpaceJay over the official one in the dev build. :blush:

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Also, here’s a thread dedicated to modding battlescape in various ways.



I don’t. I agree with Flavien there that there needs to be some alien aspect to it for it to not look like earth. Making a truly earth like planet is extremely hard and I would like for people to just accept Sarake for what it is.

As I said somewhere else though … I think there should be many different worlds in the Battlescape system. Of witch one can, of course, have a blue atmosphere … and a volcanic moon that has a low density atmosphere too. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish there would be a planet with green atmosphere and green lava (like the one from the atmosphere tech demo on Youtube).


Community Screenshots dump!

Do your thing…


Fantastic! Well done! :relaxed:

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Wouldn’t be possible without you guys :smiley: great screenshots everyone!


Is it still open? I’ll add some later!

Edit: oh ignore me. Sometimes I’m not a smart man

I spy a lot of shots from @spacejay


Today I spent some time admiring Aresthia in the corvette! :slight_smile:

Descent to the surface

A desolate, eerie, silent world

Planetrise (cockpit - zoomed in)

Planetrise - external shot

So many places to visit…


The corvette is mah fav. :sunglasses:

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A very first Image taken long ago…


I can’t handle it(pun intended) at all. I overshoot everything and drive me nuts at how unresponsive it is. Ill stick to being an interceptor pilot:)

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You have to take your time, pretend it’s a big boat, coast gently into the atmosphere and kiss the face of the planet with care :smiley:


I like to imagine it thus:

Interceptor is how you fly after downing 2 litres of Red Bull energy drink.

The corvette is sitting back with a cigar and a smug look on your face knowing that it doesn’t matter when you arrive, for when you do, all shall become ashes before you. (At least, once weapons are properly implemented it will!)

I’m growing to like the corvette’s flying style but I hope it comes with a warning for new players when the time comes: Handle with care, this flies like a house, not a mosquito! We have the luxury of repeatedly smacking into planets as much as we like at the moment but I suspect that won’t last forever, gameplay-wise.


Yeah, um, I never do that. Right. Does. Not. Apply.



Me neither. Nope, never…


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