Limit Theory - Scripted Ship Generation

I find this guy to be amazing. I mean the ships are somewhat lacking integrity right now, but still, first iteration and all…

procgenned ships mostly look very ugly, with awesome ones on occasion.

Limit Theory is actually one of my most anticipated games. Honestly, I have more confidence in Josh than I do in the Infinity Development team at the moment. He never quits programming and is determined to make a great game. Plus his daily dev logs and monthly dev updates are great and keep the community’s confidence up. He’s also an incredibly talented developer as his game, as ambitious as it is, is practically bug free.

The new avatars of the first three posters spell out PLA (People’s Liberation Army)… Its a conspiracy I tell you!

On Topic:
Limit Theory actually had a pretty active discussion going on the old forums, it’s just a shame I missed the kickstarter and now have to wait for release to get it. I’m really enjoying the direction he’s taking the game.

I believe Josh is still around on here somewhere though I can’t remember his username.

As far as Inovae not being as open about their development: You have to realize they are in different stages, Limit Theory has passed a successful kickstarter while Infinity Battlescape is pre-kickstarter.

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/poke @XeonXT_

Josh was a member of the community until he started claiming that everything can be made procedural, including ships and textures. This led to us ridiculing him, he got so pissed he deleted all his posts and rage quit.

And look at him now, much better place than this, also he’s doing some fine work.

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I remember the events. He was perfectly rational and some people were just being dicks and patronising him when they wern’t even programmers.

If I were him I would have left as well. There was no point arguing with those people being unreasonable.


Now that’s just shameful, I guess I missed that episode because as far as I knew until now the only reason he wasn’t around anymore was because he was so focused on LT (which I’m sure would be the case anyway).

LT is one of my most anticipated games, after the crashing and burning of X: Rebirth its my main hope for a new sandbox empire builder. As for comparing it to Infinity… sure, the devs could be a little more open, but I think they’ve given fairly good reasons for being tight lipped: saving all the good stuff to be used as a massive marketing drive for the kickstarter, and that most of the delays have been to fix core technical issues with the engine (not something that can easily be expressed in a way that the general public would understand or care about).

I remember that discussion on the procedural ships. I guess I don’t recall ridicule. I’m not sure anyone ever questioned if ships could be made procedurally, though I do remember my stance on the issue being that the assets would always look procedural. It’s neat tech, and yes he is doing good work.

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I previously posted this in this topic


Yeah, this was my main point of contention, and IMO still holds true for an artist such as myself. I do however look forward to the procedural content of Elite Dangerous, as it sounds like they will get artists much more involved in the content creation. This kind of tech will become increasingly important and prevalent in game development in the coming years.

I think Elite are going for procedurally assembling artist-created components… which goes a long way to addressing the issue of generated ships being ‘interesting’.

I believe they will be starting with procedural planetary content before they get to ships and more hard surface content. At least that’s what I remember reading a while back.