Kickstarter Milestone and Excited Keyboard Bashing Thread (111% FUNDED)


Yeh man just want this to happen.
Didnt know they already have final move planned.
Was not planning on disturbing them…

Also. I see not much benefit in going over 85.
Personally I’d go 250 tops, which I will do.
300 for astroid 15km+ size :wink:

Or 90 for a random roid in that belt, small size.
KS deal only…

10.000 should have had better feal imo: name the system itself or a giant nebula or something.

This is not a discussion, just my personal view and only a suggestion.
I believe in INovaes ideas and decisions and follow the path they want to walk!

Same as for the special KS interceptor: it will come in due time.
As for the help, well, keep spreading the word, it’s the best we can do so far. There has been already a lot of media contacted, be it from INovae or community. You can have a look at one of the main thread here, though the OP is maybe not entierly up to date.
If you have any contact in the BBC or CNN, it would sure help :stuck_out_tongue:

@Earthslug: No worries, I didn’t mean it as a cold shower for your enthusiasm. All of us here want the KS to succeed, and I’m sure I’ve also inadvertantly spamed in some way the dev before ^^ As the vast majority of other similar KS projects, the pledge spikes are mostly seen at first and last days.


If we aren’t within 15k in 2 days I’ll start worrying, but I think we’re in good shape to make it. That said I really wish we would’ve hit the higher tiers. I guess there’s still post KS funding for that!

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271k yay! Keep it coming

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So new livestream is about to start, we need to r/gaming it for sure, @TARSor @Playbenni should probably have the honors as they have a good track record of this.

Great changes to the pledge tiers - I might have to jump from 85 to 100… I’ll let that decicion mature 'til the last day :slight_smile:

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So just for clarification: the $250 tier doesn’t get to name anything, correct?

Well it reads “all of the above” so I reckon it gets what the lower levels get.

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Yes you will be able to suggest a ship name at the $250 tier.

Good call Inovae, should help raise pledges.
Personally I wont do the 500 deal…
1/32 chance at the moment ur space station gets drawn…

Unless? How many facilities will 1 battle generate?

Edit. May consider but… needs some boost to push me over that line.
Edit2: no astroids that could be named?

Reddit post is up, search for
“Infinity: Battlescape live stream (with Q&A) is happening right now!”

on r/gaming and upvote!

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Dammit, @TheCoach, you are fast :smile:
That was me, and yes, upvotes are appreciated.

It seems like someone is shadowbanned. I don’t see 3 of the comments.

So, why did you put some close-up images from Rosetta in the Kickstarter update?
Oh wait…



Getting closer


273,000 $ | 91%


Just when I was about to post the same 273k :smile:

Many upped their pledge. But more important.
According to kicktraq, we have more new backers today than last few days average (61 when posting this)

Still have thunderclap left and, the commonly seen final days boost.

Dunno if devs have a final media offensive prepared?


don’t know what happen but good day (+1000$ in 40min)


~25k$ left !


I upped my pledge from $85 to $150. I want to name a ship, damn it!


We’ve bought ads on Facebook and Reddit through Wednesday. We’ll see how they do.