Kickstarter Milestone and Excited Keyboard Bashing Thread (111% FUNDED)

I really enjoyed seeing the entire length of the campaign in a single post. Seems like you have cut out the beginning.

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I don’t think he can retrieve the stats prior to him starting on the third week.

His previous post has stats from day one. I imagine we has just truncating it for readability.

Yes I suspected that much. However it was nice to see it all at once glance.

I was responding to Ovrki1 (for some reason it didn’t put the reply-to indicator in my post, I think it just takes some time to apply perhaps).

It worked. I got my response notification.

Ok I put the first half back in.
It seems that from now on there’ll be a scrollbar on it.

Perhaps divide it in two blocks?

Or sort it last to first.


Much better. :wink:

Reversed it. Good idea @Lomsor

267k wooot!


268,000 $


Bad pledge night…

Sunday tho…

269K! :slight_smile:


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Past 270,000 $ | which is 90% of minimum funding | < 30,000 $ remaining!


We may need a final boost here guys.

I’m sure many would increase pledge if the offer is more attractive.

That 60 deal did good job. May need a new, final push deal perhaps a higher tier offer.

300 dollar to name an astroid?

Would up instantly!

@INovaeKeith @INovaeFlavien

Let’s keep cool, @Earthslug , no need yet to get excited about launching a last boost. The last 72-48 hours will be the time for the “last ditch” effort. And make no mistake: INovae has already plans for that period. Let’s try not to spam Keith and Flavien ^^


As per tradition with projects this close to funding, the last 2-3 days (mostly) always gets a big boost just by… well being this close to being funded. The added updates and most likely planned reviews, interviews and playtests by the devs will bring in many more as well.

That’s good to hear. Any more info on these plans? How can we help at this point? At the rate we are going, getting some paid traffic seems like the only viable option.