I-Novae: Engine Screenshot Thread!


Nah I prefer it without the tail fins. Seems more fit for space combat.

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I love the “Scene_21” image, it reminds me so much of the awesome artwork from Simon Stalenhag, very similar in style and mood.


I am so glad that all those new concepts are so familiar looking. Just like those from old contribution forum. Great job guys/gals


I want that.


Ring wide :slight_smile:


Oh man, so true!!


Just published an imgur gallery.

HD gifs! Screenshots, and a little write up!


This right there is exactly the missing bit in the earlier tech demos. This is the POV that the total newbs to space/spaceships/etc need to immerse them.

Thank you :slight_smile:


I just posted this screenshot on twitter. The contrails of the other 4 or 5 ships in the frame are a bit broken but I thought the shot was good regardless :slight_smile: #prototype


Double rings all the way! :cry:


I took a few screenshots whilst flying around the prototype, these are my favourites.

Edit: changed to JPGs

Infinity Battlescape Media Mega Thread

Seems only Jpgs work atm Cray.


Just thought I should mention that you guys are making a beautiful looking game. Seriously. I’d put those screenshots on my wall IRL if I could.


The Infinity Christmas Tree in the 2nd one! :open_mouth:


Very nice!


Does somebody have a towel? There seems to be a puddle at my feet. :wink:


Crayfish those are beautiful! Fantastic Job Inovae and recreating that Saturn effect!!


Those screenshots look amazing. Mostly because they have more detail as they are scaled down. I wonder what would happen if you oversample the whole screen for videos…


I recorded the trailer at 5162 x 2160. The prototype vids you see are straight up 1920 x 1080 from Shadowplay or the like.

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Oh, ok. I see…
Maybe there are textures which have a resolution less than 2px per screen pixel…