I-Novae: Engine Screenshot Thread!


You just made me watch the video 6 more times while observing the rightmost gauge carefully.

Still don’t know what the small colour indicators do, but realized that the main white bar cannot be altitude, as it is increasing slightly in the beginning of the video as the ship descends. It correlates somewhat with speed, but not perfectly. Could by magnitude of acceleration or something.

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We’re planning to release a gameplay video right after the KS campaign has launched. I’ll demo the prototype with commentary, and will go into more details as to what all these little things do.

You’ve already figured out the left bars, the right bar is the speed meter ( altitude is displayed as text on top of it ). The white arrow is a target speed indicator. Your current speed is the white bar itself ( numbers also displayed under it ), but your target speed is different: this is the speed your flight-auto assist computer/mode tries to match at any time if you don’t give any input to the controls.

Ignore the visual design of the HUD for now, it’s just a quick draft madre by André as a placeholder and looks nothing like what it will be in the real game. It’s just used to demonstrate functionality.


I like it though :stuck_out_tongue: … didn’t like what you and Junaum agreed on back in the day … but eh. I’ll be one of the Developer Access guys anyway. :wink:


Totally agree, I prefer a minimalist clean hud too, especially when the game environment looks so great. :grimacing:
Please no “super-fancy” ultra-complicated interface!


That was a HUD being designed for an MMO, this is a different animal.

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Not really. The HUD that Junaum iterated towards with input from Flavien was rather simple in the end.

Maybe I can dig it up. I know it’s controversal today as it was back then and I can remember that my favourite design probably wouldn’t have worked with every background. Here’s my favourite:

Pendrokar posted them earlier this year.
Dug out some later iterations … I don’t think those were the later ones but yee … they are a little too crowded:


The lava in general looks fantastic, with the lava itself apparently illuminating things around it with a soft glow. It’s a beautiful visual.

Double please. Don’t require me to have that crap on my screen in order to play the game. Always try to find a way to make the game playable with minimal HUD artwork. A HUD is not a game feature. It’s a necessary evil, like 2D.


Interesting comment on the Youtube video:

Hey I Nova studios , I strongly recommend you put the kickstarter date on screen somwhere as only a portion of viewers read the video caption. My background involves social media reach and we’ve noticed better reach with on screen as well as caption important info. I want the game to be as successful as possible!

Sounds like a good idea for any future videos.


Yes. My fault. I am up against my bandwidth cap on my 4g internet at my house, so had to lug my desktop to my parents house last night to make this vid in time and not incur overage charges when uploading. I kind of rushed the video editing and didn’t think about adding the KS date.

I do think that is a good idea, only issue is, there will be videos months/years from now with the KS date in them. Youtube does not allow a video to be replaced, so those vids would be like that forever. So I am debating with myself whether or not to do this for the next video.


By then people will be watching new battlescape videos anysways. :grinning: Who wants to see alpha footage of an already released game…

You could also use Youtubes annotation feature, I think those are always editable.


What I wanted to do was use annotations to make the url at the end clickable, but Youtube only gives a handful of options on what can be linked. Turns out you can’t just use any old url. However, “crowd funding campaign” was an option, so once the KS starts I assume I will be able to have a clickable link to the KS page right in the videos.

Edit: hmm, looks like I might be able to use a title annotation to get the results I want. I’ll look into it.
Edit2: Ok, I added an annotation, it looks crude but I guess it works…


Seems I’m a bit late to the party, but that video damn near brought a tear to my eye! For those of us who have been around for many years, there’s always that nagging uncertainty of how much has actually been achieved.

As it turns out, quite a lot!

Much applause from me. The glowy-ness (technical term) of the lava on the (moon?) is suitably amazing, and the moment the gas giant came into shot… well, I don’t often use pictures but:


While you can not change the video later on Youtube, you CAN change the preview screen that is shown. You might want to consider using a nice screenshot from the video with the Kickstarter launch date on it, and replace that with the same shot without the kickstarter launch date after the campaign. You could also have a version with the kickstarter end date on it during the campaign, so people can jump on board in time.


You can put overlays (with links) over existing videos, iirc

EDIT: Apparently you guys already figured that one out :smile:


oldest shot i could find


As a request, please keep those centre and vector reticles as an option if possible. It looks just right!



Of course, all my enthusiasm is tempered by a slight sadness that my laptop may not possess enough demonic power (or “oomph”) to actually run the damn game. That screenshot, it could probably manage!

Intel HD 4400… whaddyathink eh? :wink: Might need some optimisations first - or for me to just get my hands on a proper 'puter!


A couple screenshots showing off the “Battlescape Prototype” version of our current volcanic planet.

The same planet featured in the video we released the other day! From a couple different vantage points.


Awesome shots, @Hutchings.

I was wondering, is there going to be a way to move the ‘camera’ around the ship, like in E:D or X3?


It’s look so real ! Awesomes pictures, thanks @Hutchings.