I can't like this forum enough!


I have embarked on a personal project to like every post in the forums:

It all started as a joke on the Minecraft thread.

However, I have reached a serious dilemma:

I can only give out a very small amount of likes out per day.

This is that personal request.

If possible, please increase the number of likes I can give. Either to 1000 or infinite will be fine.

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Um, why are you doing this?

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I think the amount of fanaticism has it’s upside …

but at the end of the day, liking all the posts is malicious and weakens the function of the liking system.


I’d like your post, but I still have 20 hours left before I can like something again.


Ark … you gotta be carefull :open_mouth:

One day … one day there will come the most awesomest thing evaaar.

And you won’t like it. You just won’t. What will everyone think for you not likining it? I don’t know. But I’ll guess the’ll will be angry for your blasphemy, for your neglect of beuty, for your insatiable lust.

You will have sold your soul to the like gods.


Because if everything is liked then the value of a like in general is reduced, but your likes in particular are completely devalued.
What happens when you read a post that you genuinely like? How do you show your appreciation of it?

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Why not? Because I don’t want your “like” spam polluting my profile. So please stop. You’re behaving like a troll.


Laying down the hammer. Too funny!

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The point?

To reach 10,000 likes given.

Then I won’t like anything ever again.

That’s not a point, that’s a goal. What is the reason of that goal?

Basically, please stop :smiley: :pray:

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That’s a great question. I was wondering the same thing once when I heard of this system by which data processing machines were able to communicate using telephone cables to send and receive binary data, which could then be displayed to humans as text. Apparently this text formed something called “words”, which were used in “sentences” and “paragraphs” to make “posts” on a “forum”, which in turn was used to express opinions and kill time.

I have no idea how anyone would express their like of a post without the like button, but I think the point of what Ark is doing is just that: to kill time.


Jeff Atwood’s stated point of the like system is to avoid simple ‘+1’, ‘I agree’, ‘I like this’, posts.

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Hey, likes are better than posting pen-1Ss.

I say go for it Ark and good luck. :wink:

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I can’t like your post because I have reached mine too. Apparently my like counter hasn’t been reset from hutches like-fest yet…

Why must we limit likes!

Limits create scarcity!

Scarcity creates demand!

Demand creates value!

Value creates an economy!

We shouldn’t be having an economy of space likes on this forum! We need anarchy and freedom of expression!

Ignore this text:its to get by a filter.

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I’m not sure how this happened, but I seem to have acquired 6% of @Arkenbrien’s daily likes. Since I have them, I was wondering how many people would be willing to trade me some of Ark’s likes for my own likes? I figure if I gain another 45%, then I’ll have the controlling majority on Ark’s “like” stock. At which point, I’ll be able to vote on a new direction for Ark’s “like” policy. If anyone would like to invest in such an endeavor, please let me know. Together, we can create greater value for all future likes.


How valuable are @Skyentist likes to you? Would you consider a trade? I seem to have a surplus at the moment…


I’d be willing to trade. Controlling Ark’s likes is something I have a personal interest in


oh oh wait wait !
Call me visionary:

Infinity money callled: Likes
right ? :sunglasses: … riiiight ?!? … :smirk::unamused::confused: ok ok i guess no…


I know the feeling hutchings, I have a surplus of @Hutchings likes all over my profile.


Nope. Malicious means there is an intent to do harm. Unless Ark wants to like everything in order to somehow harm something or someone, his actions aren’t malicious.

The like button is of questionable value anyway. I really don’t understand why it’s here.

I don’t know. Maybe you reply to it, saying something like “That was an awesome post! Here, have some candy!” Or hell, send a PM.

Ok. If it’s really just there as a spam trap, what damage, exactly, is done to it if people are less than discriminating about using it? And if a post is really, really good, isn’t it getting the same generic, lazy button click as something that was just slightly above the point of tedium doing the poster a major disservice?

Likes are just background noise.

No, worse, they’re Skinner boxes.