Games we need to know about


Judging by the first 11 seconds of the video, that would be Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis, respectively.

As for the second question, I have no clue. I have played neither game.

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Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis (I only got experience from CK2 and EU4 so I can’t speak for the earlier games), both are real time strategy games. CK2 is set about 1000AD to the mid 15th century and EU4 picks up after that and plays out until the 19th century.

While both are developed by paradox they are still pretty different. CK2 is a lot about intrigues, scheming to taker over things, diplomacy and all that and EU4 is a bit more straight on war conquest game, it has diplomacy and such as well but nowhere as deep as CK2. I tried CK but couldn’t really get into it, but I’ve played a lot of EU4, I really like it but imo it’d need stuff from Victoria 2 (another paradox game) that is a bit similar to EU4 but has more depth to the world, like actual citizen amounts to provinces and you can regulate what’s produced in provinces etc etc.

Stellaris is probably going to be more of a mix between EU4 and Victoria 2 but with space, which means that it’s going to be fully random worlds and nothing (or most at least) is really going to be pre-determined (as opposed to playing a history game where we already know the course of technology development for examle).

//edit, to carify. They are not real time strategy games like Age of Empires, you control provinces/countries, their politics and internal affairs and battles are played like a board game battle where you roll dice to (somewhat) determine the outcome.


It’s Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis, those are arguably the best grand strategy game series of all time. I’m surprised you have not heard of them, wonderful games.



/finishes video

All of my yes.


Thanks. I watched some plays on Youtube and know them from there. Two letter abrevations are just verry abigous.

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Planetary Annihilation is going for 1$ on Bundle Stars:

Has a 2 day time limit.


I’ve played a bit of EU4 and really enjoyed it. When I found out about Stellaris about a month ago I got super excited. I read up on all information released so far and it sounds like it will be a really fun and interesting game. It’s definitely got the “no 2 games will be alike” theme going hard, since the random events depend on the choices you make about which tech you research(also determined randomly by what you find). It sounds really cool! Plus it has the 3 different ways of FTL travel of warp, jumpgates, and wormholes(which sound a lot like jumpgates so I can’t remember what the third option is).

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It’s warp (slow but unrestricted), jumpgate (longer range but you need a jump station) and hyperlane (you have to follow the road) IIRC.

RPS wrote an article about it a month ago, which does make it sound pretty great. But with Paradox games, I tend to instinctively wait for some years for patches and DLCs to be out there for the game to be mature (and bug-free). Then again, we’ll see…


I’ll just leave this here.

A) because you should want to try to escape for yourselves, and B) I met and became friends with the developers on these very forums… well the old forums… same community, you get it :wink:

Awesome work guys, can’t wait to play the final game!


Insert lengthy rant about how the old forums were far superior and had a much better community. Give posted game as clear evidence of this claim.


Personally, I prefer the new forum software. However it’s clear we did lose people in the time the forums were away, and that makes me sadface.


/looks at photo Looks the same to me!!

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Space Engineers

Great block building game. Although so much more than just a block building game. Still worth a look for those into the genre of either space or block building.

Did I say block building, Ah yes, thought I forgot there for a minute. :wink:

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If you like well written stories test “Omerta : City of gangsters”. It’s a very good game which I’ve played like if I was watching a good mafia movie. Worth the price !


From creators of Penumbra and Amnesia series comes out today SOMA
(Linux version too for those open source :slight_smile: )


Looking to waste more time? You know you want to:


The animation is brilliant in that game. Finally some more aussie devs getting out there.

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Just found out that Angels Fall First is going Early Access October 1st.


Whow thanks a lot TerranAmbass for the heads up, I guess we will have a quite active AFF Planetstorm thread around this time next week ^^


that so much reminds me that old mod for half life - Eternal silence or something like that.