Games we need to know about


It takes many losing games and practice to get the hang of it. I’m terrible but I can still have fun!

I’m also expecting your buddy request any minute now…


Is there any way to get PA without Steam?

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Hm, I looked around on their website and store and it only links to steam.

Unfortunately not I guess.


That’s what I found when I looked. Damn.


This question is on their FAQ…I suppose hope remains?


Edit: I have found a non-steam installation of PA in my account, but I cannot find one for Titans…not sure what to tell you.

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Just as a short notice, Planetary annihilation is currently -85% on humble bundle store. so around 4.20€ - unfortunately steam code.


Another couple games of note:

Interstellar Marines:

It’s quite slick FPS for such a small company. Progress is pretty slow right now, but if you can a match going, it’s a unique experience. The missions in particular are well done.


Everybody probably has heard of this F2P mech game. Especially @TerranAmbass ;).

And of course, Robocraft:

Basically, build your robot, and duke it out in a battle arena on mars. Also F2P.


Ah yeah interstellar marines… They had an update just yester/today, haven’t read the changelog though (yes I read the changelogs/patchnotes, I really hope that once Battlescape is released, inovae will make patchnotes available in an easy to find fashion)

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I’ve seen it. Not sure it’s my thing. It looks interesting enough, but it also looks a bit too twitchy for my taste.


Been meaning to play this…

I enjoyed this game an awful lot, but haven’t touched it in a while. IIRC, they’ve also nerfed some of the smurf builds now which is sad.


Actually, I think I have one more steam code for IS… I’d have to check my inventory, if you’re interested. I bought a 4-pack during some sale.


Oh, I already have Interstellar Marines, I just haven’t played it

You’ve seen my Steam account, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, Mr Topper has more games in his library than the Steam founders. :wink:

I was going to post a deep emotional and inspirational story from '989 about the original Elite and then decided otherwise…

So going with something interesting, a space game with real orbital mechanics, I’m only aware of two games having this feature, KSP and this one, Celestial Command.


Actually, I don’t think I’ve seen your profile. But if you have it already, it’s definitely worth a quick looksy. As I said, it’s a really slick game. It feels quite good. It’s one of the most intense FPSs I’ve ever played.

Well, If anybody wants a code for Interstellar Marines, I think I have one languishing in my profile. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested.


Hey there !

I came from nowhere but have an awesome game to present to you: Warzone 2100
It’s a RTS which came out in 2000, and has been open source since 2007.

You can build your own vehicules from top to bottom (chosing the chassis, propulsion and weapons (or systems). It’s really complete for players who love tactics (defense, counter defense, radars, etc).

I’ve been enjoying that game since it exists and I can’t have enough.

Feel free to try, it’s free !

PS: I’ve been monitoring Inovae since the old forums, but never had the courage to register :stuck_out_tongue:
You guys are amazing. I love reading your posts (most of them are too scientific though :smiley:)


Annnnnnnd, bought.

Damn you. :stuck_out_tongue:


In that case I should probably mention Orbiter. It’s even got 3 dimensional, well, space, which I personally appreciate greatly in realistic space games. Oh, and it’s free.

On the downside, it doesn’t allow building your own rockets except through external programs and an addon API, and the last stable release was from 2010 which might suggest somewhat dated technology (not just talking graphics here, the physics tick could probably be faster if optimized for modern hardware).


Orbiter is brutally difficult. I liked it, but it was so damned determined to be realistic it gets difficult to play.

Fun though.

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Paradox Interactive is working on a new grand strategy in space, the game is called Stellaris, it will be interesting to see if it plays like a typical space 4x or more like CK/EU.


What is CK/EU?

And how does that play?