Games we need to know about


Understandably. However, from what I can remember, the gameplay on the old aff Planetstorm mod was distinctively different, and in a way that I liked it more than ES. But yeah, it does share quite a few similarities.


I remember playing this years ago, definitely want to give it another go and play it more thoroughly this time.


One of the big releases for this year, Star Wars Battlefront has just released their open beta.

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I’ve been watching some of the gameplay, and even though it’s nothing new, the sheer quality of the sound and visuals is enough for me.

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Having a LAN this weekend and we’ll play Star Wars Battlefront 2 and other games. Looking forward how well they did in the “feel” departement … looking good though.

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I quite enjoy the combat in the new Battlefront. But the flying is a bit ropey still. It feels like stirring treacle when trying to turn. The pew pew and the shields and all of the Star Wars effects are there and marvelous though.

Haven’t had a chance to check out the hero gameplay, but I suspect that will be pretty similar to Battlefront 2’s heroes, judging from the footage I’ve seen elsewhere.

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Pretty excited about this one, been playing ANNO for many years, ANNO 2205 is releasing in a week on the 3rd of November.


I have played Anno 2057 and I’ve mildly liked it. First, because of the campaign that doesn’t help you that much understanding the basics, and also because it felt like… I don’t know “simplified” is not exactly the right word.

Still looking forward for Anno 2205 and see what they’ve brought about.


I’ve had my eye on it too but ubisoft and uplay makes my heart cry.

You also just reminded me how close we are to November already. This semester flies…

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Fallout 4 is releasing on Monday, here is the Launch Trailer.


I’ve only just got around to playing New Vegas! I’m so behind…


The map is a lot smaller than the one in New Vegas.

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Apparently it has a lot more content and assets than the New Vegas one though, a few times more of it.

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I ended up just picking up my controller whenever getting into an aircraft which feels great. Some of them are ok at turning with a mouse, but some make it look like I’m using a meat slicer.


Problem is that when I start doing that I’d have to start questioning why I just didn’t buy it on the PS4 instead…

Besides, I had absolutely no problems flying vehicles in Battlefield with mouse and keyboard (I was quite a proficient Blackhawk pilot), so you’d have thought it’d play out pretty much the same in Battlefront


Well I’m sure it goes without saying that a Blackhawk handles quite differently than a T-47, but even so there is such a gap between Battlefield and Battlefront aircraft that the dynamics aren’t easily translated. As soon as I jumped in I noticed how easy it was to zoom around just skimming the surface and knifing through canyons (or the one small canyon). The speed and sensitivity was so much more exciting than the more or less realistic aircraft in Battlefield.


I guess that’s true. I expect it’s just a matter of getting more used to it. The time I spent on Hoth was fairly brief, and the time I spent of that time flying was briefer still


Yeah I get the impression from the videos there is a LOT more verticality to the world with large buildings and probably large underground areas to explore.

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From what I’ve read, Fallout 4 is merging your characteristics and your skills. Meaning if you level your intelligence, you can also by this way level your hacking skills, etc.

So far there’s no sign of discussion skills and this makes me a sad panda.
The RP side was already relatively shallow in Fallout 3, seems like Bethesda wants to go down the shooter road. A shame.


New teaser for Mass Effect Andromeda just got published.