FMOD live update

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Does that mean we can mod in clouds and trees and water? if so how? modding??….

Former Threadtitle: " Added support for FMOD live update for modding. Disabled by default, but can be manually enabled in ClientConfig.xml "

This changelog entry is about the sound and music in the game. Infinity Battlescape uses FMOD a sound handling engine.

As I interpret it, if you activate the setting in the ClientConfig.xml, some or all music and sounds as well as maybe also some or all of the related settings can be adjusted in the gamefiles (modified, modded, yes) and these changes will have effect in the game imidietly. Without this new settings, you had to restart the game for the changes to take effect.

The game is somewhat moddable, but there is no official support yet and some stuff is hard to do or not yet possible. Just take a look into the gamefiles. Make a backup and try changing some stuff.

I see that you are a lunar supporter. You maybe want to check out this thread:

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It is already is clear that the OP mistook FMOD for plain Mod/Modding. But for those that know what FMOD is, just wanted to clarify:

To my knowledge thus far, only a total conversion mod is possible for the audio part of Battlescape. As only one FMOD Master Bank is allowed by the game and therefore needs to be built along with all other content present.

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Thank you lomsor for the helpful reply and input. That thread looks great but I do not have access to it unfortunately, however I do appreciate your knowledge on the subject I am new to.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Infinity

When I try to mod in oceans and I switch the ocean state to true the game crashes? and then it gives me this message.


how do I get oceans in am I missing a certain code?

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Iirc the foam texture is not available, just deactivate it. Also there are 2 XMLs to edit with almost the same parameters, in separate folders.


Indeed, here is a demonstration of adding an entirely new sound as weapon fire. Still have to restart for any XML changes.

FMOD project received from Flavien.