Dual Universe: Upcoming SandBox Universe

I’m just guessing some here may have heard, but i just discovered it and thought i’d share anyway.

“Dual Universe is a sandbox first-person MMORPG set within a seamless Sci-Fi universe made of millions of planets. The world is entirely editable, and the game focuses on massive scale emergent gameplay based around exploration, voxel building, trade, politics and warfare.”

-Dual Universe Official Website


Definately check it out if you’re excited for Infiinity BattleScape. Also, check out Bluedrake42 on Youtube, if you want… He’s done two videos on it, and a few where he got to play with and interview Kieth and Flavien.

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They have a great concept with building and avatars but it really does look awful. Also the planets are laughably small. Here’s another video:

yep we’re aware of it…:slight_smile:

One thing what i like is that UI style … it feels perfect.
sleek, stylish i really like that :slight_smile: …remind me of the concepts that floated around the old Infinity forum.

Looks fun!

My one main problem with the game is it uses tab targeting ‘locked on’ combat, no real simulation. Although as far as non combat stuff goes, I hope one day TQFE includes all those aspects especially voxel building. By the time that happens tho, I’ll probably be grey :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah indeed. In one of the DU videos (maybe your one, havent watched it yet) the developers stated they created them that small for gameplay reasons. Huh?! These planets look really strange especially from far to mid distance when then hills look way to large compared to the curvature of the planet itself. To bad, the most interesting thing about space are the incredible scales, they literally destroy the fascination with that kind of design.

New video up:

Ship building.


A good overview by the dev.

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They just started their Kickstater.

Kickstarter Page

I wish them the best. Their game is very ambitious.

Am I reading it wrong? Says it started 32 days ago.

Oops strike that…32 days to go. Never read before morning coffee. :confounded:

You’ve GOTTA have your coffee. :stuck_out_tongue:

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New video of their voxel technology. I have to admit, although the smaller scale is still annoying, I somehow start to like that game. Changeable procedural surfaces are somehow interesting, I wonder until which level you could deform a planet in this game.

I didnt get up to that point yet where I back a game with a “must-have” monthly fee of 10-13 USD at that stage, huh, and still resisting to do. But I’d like that game to get across their funding on the other hand. Fingers crossed they can make it.

Their Kickstarter is shaping up to look a LOT like Battlescape’s. But I have my doubts about funding. I’d estimate they’re going to miss their funding by about 20,000 euros, unless they drop a surprise on us.

I’m worried that there isn’t enough demand for the product as its being marketed.

Dual Universe Kickstarter

17 days to go w/ 5k+ backers I’d say there’s a high likelihood it’ll get funded.

I withdrew my money. Really like the concept but they are going to allow scripting and that means having to learn scripting to play the game. Also the really good scriptors will basically run the show so that is a serious balancing issue. Also there isn’t even any serious talk about keeping players from building stations and ships looking like boobs and dildos. Sure, I like boobs just as much as the next guy but it really screws up the immersion - just don’t want to stare at dicks all day.

At this same point, I:B was funded at 79.81% , Dual Universe is at 70.93%. A curious thing : on 22/09 they only got 692€, when the second worst day is at 6024€ …

They’ll have a huge last day or 2, I’d be surprised if they can’t push it over the edge.

lol…and in the comments section on the KS page:

Who is Benjamin? A Dev?