Developer Discussion Portal

We would like to create a series of “Developer Discussion” threads pertaining to our project, discussions where the developers and community members can interact on a detailed level pertaining to specific topics of interest hopefully with minimized tangential distraction.

This portal will continually be updated with links to current discussion threads. It will also list possible future discussions pertinent to the project, along with some that may just be an exercise in dialogue/deliberation (scientific or otherwise) that could potentially influence development where technically possible/feasible.

Active discussions:

Possible future discussions:

  • Aesthetics of the Infinity Universe
  • Anatomy of a starship/Design documentation development
  • Technology of the Infinity Universe
  • Astrophysics of the Infinity Universe
  • Astrogeology & Astrobiology of the Infinity Universe
  • Traveling within the Infinity Universe

Please use the above links to navigate to the discussion you wish to participate in.