Can we get a date for Alpha access please

I paid $100 of my hard earned money more than I have ever paid for a game as I liked what you had planned and the look of the game. Now to some $100 is just pocket change but to others it’s a lot of money to pay out for a game which we are still left in limbo about when we will actually get the chance to play it. I think I had read somewhere that they were on track to allow us access to the game in September but it’s October now and we are still non the wiser. WTF Inovae people have given money to you to help you achieve this project of yours don’t you think you should give us a definitive date it’s not too much to ask now is it.

It is not too much to ask to read their weekly updates which often describe the challenges they are facing both with the game and real life obstacles. Is it overdue? yes. Have they explained why? also yes. Providing a hard date is dangerous at this early stage of development.


I still think not just releasing the dev build to alpha backers was the wrong move. The delay was well explained by inovae but the people feel wronged nevertheless.

Currently alpha is planned for the end of the year and that time frame seems to be quite solid and realistic.
The wait will be worth it I am sure.

This is not correct.

This is an ambiguous sentence.

It may either mean that it’s planned to have the iteration of gameplay at the end of the year or the release of alpha at the end of the year. Not clear which one it is.

I would not be happy if it’s the later. Just a month to iterate over gameplay? The most important part of the game? I hope not.

Sadly this is the case.
I-Novae tried to give dates in the past and have failed to match them many times.
I-Novae has pointed out multiple times that the dates from the KS and Indigogo are not correct anymore and that they can’t change them due to those platforms not allowing such change.
Still they keep us up to date on the progress. It’s an incredibly small team mind you. With only two people working fulltime and another two others parttime. (I think, changes may have happened)

You are of course free to demand a refund if this aspect of development is very important to you. If you can’t trust them anymore due to them not providing accurate enough dates, this is your choice.
I-Novae has chosen to extend development in order to make Infinity Battlescape a success. I think Infinity Battlescape is worth the wait and I am quite sure that the delais aren’t a sign that the end product will be of lesser value or quality. In the contrary. They hinted that they, maybe even due to choosing to approach the project this way, are not running out of money.

I am not an representative of I-Novae, just a fan and supporter. Usually Keith answers such queries from backers and others interested. He’s currently busy with private afairs (The Birth of his first child). Maybe @inovaeflavien can take a few minutes to answer you concern. He may even be able to provide you with a date or clear up above ambiguous statement.

You can also reach them trough their official e-mail adress:


Alpha is supposed to be the first version were all mayor systems are integrated and the basic gestalt of the gameplay is set. I think depending on the feedback from the community 1.5 months would be enough since the gameplay concept is already kinda established. Lets see.


I too am a $100 backer…and am perfectly fine with delays as long as the team lets us know what is going on…which they have been doing.

I also went into backing a kickstarter game knowing i very well could get absolutely nothing in return. Everyone should have that mentality…unfortunately it is not that way.


The good news is, we’re closer now than we’ve ever been!

And now!

And now closer!

:smile: #perpetualoptimism

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To be honest I am loving the updates and see real solid progress is being made unlike PR vids you find on SC. So getting caught up in the whole ‘Alpha’ argument is furthest from my mind. New patch this coming week - Yeehaa! :rocket:

Inovae doesn’t put out things just to put them out.

It’s been so long I doen’t recall properly but…

It will be ready when it’s ready.

This goes back years before the board broke.

Now watch some videos and be amazed. Battlescape Player Videos


^^ this

so, no problem


Legally speaking, this is not true.
Kickstarter is a mean for any project (not only video games projects, which are by the way far behing other project types) to get funds.
End results are expected and there are quite a few examples of KS projects refunding because of failed expectations.

Of course, people should also be aware of the project’s difficulty and the staff’s composition.
Given the project’s ambition, the low budget funding and the passion of the devs, I have every confidence that this game will be released.


Lied to my, pay $100 for an access to an alpha that a year later I still have not.

/doesn’t see a lie.

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Well… to be honest, Kickstarter is not a store where you just buy stuff. Kickstarter is a platform where you help to realize other people’s idea by giving them money so their idea could come true. There is always a risk involved, far greater then in ordinary store.

I’m in the same situation like you. But I don’t feel that I’m being lied. I believe in these guys, in their idea. We will get our Kickstarter rewards, our access to alpha release. Just wait a bit more.


Look that is understandable, but then why put a pledge teir on it if you aren’t going to honour it. im not going to NOW drop more money on it for the potential to play it for an indeterminable time before other people. The $85 kickstarter pledge promised access to private alpha builds from october 2016… i have been patient to wait because well shit happens and at least ill get to play it in september…

this game is probably into the vapourware realm for most people, which is a shame as i think it has potential.

Rob, No kickstarter is where you pledge money to support people for a reward or in this case access before the general public. i would have upped my pledge if they had made clear from the beginning that the only consistent way to get access was to plegde $250.

i personally also feel lied to, and i really like the direction the game is going. just really disappointing that a significant portion of their pledge base is being let down…

Is rather an over statement and somewhat unfair considering the dev team is small. When game dev teams are this small it gets very personal, and life, well it has a habit of getting in the way when your trying to do other things like develop a game.

Flavien has been getting some great feedback with regards to this new patch, which is a good step forward. I’m sure the team will address issues you mention about the delays in the forthcoming weekly newsletters.


I assure you, as one of the dev-tier backers, we’ve all had a year long delay.

To be honest, we really only just started on testing and discussing balance issues two days ago now that combat actually works. What you missed out on was an empty server and a whole bunch of people sitting on their hands while chatting **** on discord. (you could have joined in with that second part, by the way. The discord is open to anyone). :wink:


The Estimated Delivery Date is the creator’s estimate. The date listed on each reward is the creator’s estimate of when they will provide the reward — not a guarantee to fulfill by that date. The schedule may change as the creator works on the project. We ask creators to think carefully, set a date they feel confident they can work toward, and communicate with backers about any changes.

INS provided estimates for delivery of the various tiers and have continuously provided revised estimates as the schedule has changed.


They honour it by giving access in the correct order, even if they don’t meet the estimated deadlines. I guarantee that you’d be much unhappier if access was given in October 2016 to a game that didn’t qualify as an alpha.