Art Challenges for Infinity Fan Art (Challenge 4 - An Infinity Short Story - Ended! - Winner: ThornEel!)

Two weeks would be great! I’d like to see finished designs as well! And next week I have much more time than this week.

And in the end, the whole point of this topic was to have people produce visuals, which only happens as long as a challenge is running :wink:

Ok 2 more weeks. It will double the overall time, but who cares. Finished great looking ships is what we are after here :wink:

So the next (and hopefully final) deadline is 14th of December. Now I can also get my perspective view finished in time :smiley:

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@Wybo, I really like that very last of your concepts. I think it has the most potential for a Centauran style ship.

I also like the side view in that 2nd last drawing. I would however keep the bridge structure low and flowing with the curves of the ship (I recall that’s what was said about bridges in the last design document, provided you are aiming for that style).


Doing the outlines for the perspective view. Still some detail to add:


@thelazyjaguar, in your post with the old modeling chart you said you might participate, but the first week of the original 2 week time frame looked too busy for you. How does it look now when we have 2 extra weeks? :wink:

I would just like to say that I really like the last concepts. If I had time I’d do a quick and dirty modeling job for you. :wink:

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Would be nice if you guys can start posting this great stuff in Genes new thread: Developer Discussion - Infinity Fan Art/Developer Inspiration


Perhaps we should post the finished work there once each competition ends.

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I’m really happy with the postponed deadline! After this week I can start producing drawings again :smile:

Ah I remember our collaboration from like a year ago :smile: I’d happily do that again!

When it’s presentable :wink:

I agree with this, because we don’t want that thread turning into a “in process” contributions thread, but a concise (as possible) community art “reference repository” if you will.

Insert witty comment about repeatedly delayed deadlines and months or years with no new fan art.

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I wasn’t suggesting posting walls wip comments, but I now find myself checking 2 threads to find these cool concepts from our community.

Yes, I know how hard it is to check TWO threads at the same time :wink:

Lucas has the right idea though. No matter who is proclaimed master of the artistic universe with these challenges, all participants’ final offerings should go into the Developer Discussion thread.

And remember, that thread is for more than just ships!


Finally ready!

The Eternal Harmony Class Destroyer (~500m):


Another amazing concept … I still like your style Lucas.

I’m glad that generator looking thing stayed. It does hold up in the perspective view.

Also it seems the cylons really invaded :stuck_out_tongue: those front windows

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My recent progress. Still a lot to be done.


Are you going to overpaint the models?

Here is a quick change.


I’m actually getting a civilian ship vibe from this :smiley: Maybe it’s those large windowed bridge areas.

How long is it by the way? I measured my ship to be somewhere below 500m.

P.S. Looking awesome!

Thanks for the feedback. This one is 455M long and 335M wide wingspan.