Alpha Access Email - Six Copies


Thanks for the invitation to the Alpha, which I received today, but it’s not necessary to send six copies. That’s five too much. :slight_smile: They were all sent to the same email address. I think Sendgrid may have a hickup.

Please fix this? If you need my email address, send me a PM.




Same here, I’m up to 7 emails now. Smack your mail sender with a hammer please.

Same here. I’ve got two email signed up, so 12 for me.

Looks like Sendgrid / Mailchimp could have a problem when you click the send button multiple times. That would be a hilarious bug.

A bug in our new mass mailer that didn’t show up in testing, because our testing DB doesn’t have thousands of accounts, just caused some of you to receive a whole bunch of emails from us. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately SendGrid isn’t giving me much info as to what, exactly, is going on but I’ve disabled our mass mailer until I can get a better idea of what happened.


Having this problem as well

Emails should no longer be getting sent, please let me know if this is not the case for anyone.


Hey. It didn’t land in my Junk Mail Folder.

So there’s that. I think it’s alright, kind to compensate all the times people did not read your e-mails. Ha. :sweat_smile:
Not that I think it wasn’t some error causing this but ha, it’s not that bad.

I also got twelve. Anyone got exactly one?


In case you didn’t know alpha access is coming, here are 12 emails just to make sure. :laughing:


No worrys about multiple mails, but did i pledge in the past? can i be in that mailing list without pledging?

Yes, that email was to everyone with a verified account - not just people who have pledged.

Yep, 7 copies here for me too… Same address. I’m guessing a loop got stuck somewhere.

Am I right in thinking if I upgrade $25 to a Planetary pledge, I’ll get alpha access?

Got 12 too. Well at least THAT is sure to get some attention! :joy:

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Does it say “Planetary Supporter” on it?

They say more is better than less. Guess we’re figuring this out :wink:

Does it mean that supporters from KS/IGG that do not have account on this forum will not get any emails apart from regular KS/IGG project update email?

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Got 12 mails too.

Having a wild guess: wouldn’t your tool send as many times as there are KS pledges at or below the sender?
For instance, being a “Lunar Supporter” would be the 7th pledge, limited pladge ranks included. So maybe it considers the same e-mail adress as being part of all the ranks below as well?

12 too, stellar supporter.

Possible, but unlikely. We had tested the email system a few days ago with all members of the dev team, and there as no duplicated emails. If the bug was caused by multiple pledge tiers, we would have received duplicated emails during our internal testing too.

Yes, but figured it best to check that actually would give me Alpha access.

I got the message :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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