Will I-NOVAE be a success or a flop? your thoughts

with the 8 years in the making and the progress or lack of thus far, what are your thoughts on where this company is going, SKYHIGH or just another project offset fading in the wind?

Fading in the wind? What wind?

The extrasolar radiation cyclone.

Not in intergalactic space.

that’s funny because there isn’t any wind says doctor obvious!

A flop? flop flopflopflopflopflopflopflopflopflopflopflopflopflopflopflopflopflop

Maybe a flip flop!

That degenerated fast.


An Orange Lambda!

The only way to deal with such a questions.

If I would think I-Novae in itself will flop, probably meaning they would go into bankruptcy, I wouldn’t be here spending time talking to other people who probably don’t think that I-Novae will flop.

Except of course if I would try to convince the others to share my sentiment. But I think all the people here have enough information and also have the skill and right to make that decision for themselves.

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Pointless troll topic.


Opinions matter to an extent. I hope it becomes a success but I am very skeptical because I haven’t seen much. Everything I have seen has blown me away. Project offset had backing by Microsoft till they canned it and I’m sure almost nobody saw that coming. What will make this engine successful will be sales and only sales because at the end of the day that’s the only thing that matters.

I’m not sure what your point actually is here.

I don’t get it either. It seems like OP was looking to foster a discussion, but it only derailed.

You guys are missing the evidence from AETHER THEORY! The winds are real and will consume the baryonic matter!

What “lack of progress”?

Well if i can get the attention of “The mgihtly Jingles” a famous youtuber that will totally want to play this awesome game, he will share it with his 400.000 subscribers, if that happens, we will see a bright future^^


I’m thinking the same, he liked to speak about space exploration lately and it could fit in the “Mingles with Jingles” videos (it’s a bit like a weekly summary of what he need to tell to his subscribers).

It will depend mostly on a good communication to promote the campaign.

If i am not wrong the Kickstarter is up for around 3 hours now and 1/10 of the initial goal is reached… looks good to me. And that’s before any big youtubers gave it any attention…

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The first hours is always easy, when you get all your old fans to sign up. Now starts the hard phase when you need to bring in the new backers. So update the campaign with some VR support/goal/thoughts and thousands of the DK2 crowd will follow.

It will be a HUGE success! Have some more optimism!