Will a $300k-$400k Battlescape be fun?

Maybe you need a fourth “non-combatant” team in the game?

They could go and do their space tourism thing, maybe get some achievements for finding easter eggs, but not show up as hostile on any of the other corps friend or foe systems. As soon as they assisted a corp economically they would become aligned with that corp and if they attacked other ships they could be marked as a pirate and show up as hostile to everyone.

Not a particularly serious suggestion (scope creep!), but would be sort of cool.

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I shall name them the “Bentusi”


This is typically called “spectator”, and usually is just a free piloted camera. Might be fun to give people camera drones to fly around or something.


Honestly, I’d say no.

The improved weather and such I think will add a ton to the game, which is at 600k.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up hope on funding if it doesn’t reach a higher point. It just means they’ll need to raise more funding after Kickstarter ends.

I can easily see this reaching $1.5 million sometime in 2016 so long as they get a good system to increase funding through the website in place once Kickstarter ends, and if they improve their ability to market.

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10 characters, right ?

Good idea. Some sort of war correspondent. Perhaps for a corporation that is instigating the war for profits.
Perhaps those drones can be part of a corporation that already has news and entertainment as its main business? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh… Replays would have been a really cool stretch goal.

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It would actually give me something to post to my YouTube channel…

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My faith in the MMO eventually coming out has never been higher.

I think this thing has the potential to be a wild success. I want to play it as a seemless space sim, so having actual combat is effing amazing.

I’m going to call them “worlds” that takes care of both satellites and plants. :stuck_out_tongue:

Trees are worlds. Got it. And those things we get TV from as well.

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No. …

Oh, yes.

I have a lovely world in my front yard, oak I think, not that I’m any expert on worlds. And in a few minutes, I’m going to watch TV that I get through my world dish. And of course, I am speaking to you via an internet connection made possible through the use of worlds.

And I know for a fact that you understood every word I just typed.

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I don’t really know what that is.

I know you know what that is.

You can infer via context, right? I’m going by your definitions, after all:

Common agreement and all that.

A machine placed in Earth orbit through human efforts, typically for the purposes of either telecommunications or scientific research.

Also known as a world.

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Yeah, worlds are the basis of life on this… world?

Of course! Why, without the worlds in orbit above our heads, modern civilization might very well collapse.

No, I was talking about the worlds in my front yard, silly! after all, trees are worlds right?

Ah, yes, how silly of me. You were talking about worlds while I was thinking of worlds. My mistake.