Will a $300k-$400k Battlescape be fun?

While a 1.5 to 2.5 million dollar Battlescape that includes building and researching features sounds like it would be pretty amazing - it’s probably not entirely realistic that BS will generate that magnitude of funds. Given this assumption; do you think a $300,000-$400,000 version of BS that focuses primarily on combat without any additional depth be interesting?

sure and funding will remain open after the Kickstarter campaign.
So it might get the deserved attention later.
What we need right now is to get past this marker.

But i got a feeling this is not ordinary kickstarter since it is not ordinary game. :wink:

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Multitudes of ships, strategies, formations, tactics large scale offensives/defenses, logistics, teammate synergy, fleet composition, ramming speed, asteroid ambushes, covert ops, socializing.

Even if the game comes out barebones their’s plenty of things that would need to be done to ensure success. It would be a bit sad, but the community will compensate however it needs to.


The question you mean is probably how interesting it’ll be.

With only 3-400k, there’s still enough to have lots of replay value. The short/medium/long range combat might be the most critical design choice.

Like Kreydis said.

Absolutely - The gameplay that a 300-400k funded I:BS will provide will be no different than Planetside 2 or Battlefield, just with a far larger map! So, a huge win regardless.

If you want to be optimistic about it, it will require far less dev time which would create a shorter development period. This would allow faster sales and quicker turn around to start working on the TQFE, since I:BS should be successful even at that state and fund future development for Inovae projects.


I’d say yes, based on the fact that, according to Keith:

[quote]So far everybody who has played our prototype has loved it! We’ve had
some members of the media approach us saying “we’d love to try the game
but we won’t pull any punches in our commentary”. Our response is always
“we would never ask you to be anything other than honest with your
subscribers”. So far every single one of them has come away saying “that
was one of the most incredible gaming experiences I’ve ever had”.[/quote]
#And they PLAYED the pre alpha tech demo.


Make that bold and flashing.
Seriously guys most of the teams are waiting for the kickstarter to even start working on game.
And succeed.
I-Novae has the hardest part done.


Personally, I think so. I think INovae plan to add all of those stretch goals eventually mind, they’re merely stating what they need to hit release date with those features. If they don’t get that funding level, the features come after release.

However, the sheer scale of the system already demonstrated and the strategies available to you will pretty much guarantee there’ll be at least some fun to be had, probably more with more people. You’ll just have to settle with AI bases rather than human-placed ones…

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The main thing I would expect is that at 3-400k, the total lack of anything substantial in planets’ atmospheres will stop many people from getting as much of a sense of distance and speed, as is actually happening.

The same way that the belt around the Earth-like moon looks less substantial than it is because of the low LOD/clipping effect.

I reckon that volumetric clouds and then modding tools are the most valuable additions in terms of replay value. Depending on how awesome combat, overall, turns out to be.
Clouds, done well enough, presumably would add another object to play with for line of sight during combat. Just like canyons, asteroids, etc right now. Mods is a pretty open-ended potential. The rest of the stretch goals seem really distant at this point in KS funding.


Done and done. :wink:


“You’ve reached the maximum number of likes today. Please wait 3 hours before trying again.”
It haunts me again!

I :heart: this post


I believe that I-Novae has presented a reasonable way to get to their goal of making a fun game for a great price. If they reach what they asked for they, I think, will deliver, because they seem to have identified what is worth working for and what isn’t and prioritised accordingly.

Also this is about what they want to do, not what they already have done. If they didn’t have a tech demo, but still run the Kickstarter with a higher goal, say 500k, then I would still hold the same opinion. It would be a lot harder to reach that funding tough.


Looks kinda fun already, but obviously needs some objectives/resources/ship load-outs before you could say it’s a ‘game’. After that is all a bonus to me.


Will a $300k-$400k Battlescape be fun?
They are not raising that huge amount to sell crap. EVERY outcome of the KS shall guarantee a highly polished game! That’s why the values are that high.

INovae guys are too realistic for kickstarter. That means, they are no politicians… they actually calculated/estimated in a way which enables them to keep their promises.


Get more promotion for the kickstarter like we saw on reddit and the outcome maybe more than 400k so let’s get out there spreading the good word :wink:

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But only at $600k will it look like in this concept:

It is already close to that:

Just lacks steam and volumetric clouds. I doubt we will see people, unless I-Novae are willing to have classic 2D sprites running around.


We’re allowed to dream right? :yum:


Oh, there’s going to be a lot of variety in environments on planets even in the base goal. It’s just going to rely a bit less on the visual wow factor.

Wind is already in, but doing tornados, volcanos that eject rocks, lightning in gas giants ( that could randomly hit your ship ), or even better: a periodic stellar flare that would damage any ship not in the night side of the planets closest to the star. Those are a few ideas that we’re playing with. Not guaranteeing anything ofc, but yeah, as you can see there’s potential.

I’ve seen many people play for 20-30 hours in the proto so far, simply flying around and exploring. Doing nothing at all. This is a bit crazy to me, but I think I’m too biaised. I’ve been flying seamlessly in the our engine for ages so I can’t get excited by the discovery phase anymore :smile:

And that’s with 2 planets ( err, moons ). The final solar system will have dozens.

Personally I think if you’re not much into combat, you can easily play 30-50 hours just exploring and being a tourist, watching great landscapes, or hunting for easter eggs.


What I meant is that for players who will go into I:B with no previous experience of what a real atmosphere with clouds is like, a planet with absolutely clear skies will be hard to fathom, to grasp in terms of scale, other than the speedo and altimeter. They will clearly be in orbit at one point, and then that sphere shaped landscape keeps getting closer and flatter as they travel thru clear air/space, till they touch down. It’s like speeding thru Bonneville Salt Flats. The sense of speed tightly depends on the perceived detail of landscape. For this same reason, games often increase the field of view when they want to help the sense of speed (e.g. in GTA 5 when you near top speeds).

That’s my private worry. As soon as we have atmospheric cues of speed and distance, like the ones you mentioned and others like reentry plasma, Mach vapor cones, and even simplistic variety of clouds (misty low altitude, thicker medium altitude, and wispy flat banks at high altitude, etc) then the scales are intuitive, and really palpable if done right.

I can relate to those crazy players just flying around. I used to do that in my fav WWII air combat sim. Just hug the ground and surf the clouds at max throttle.
I really can’t wait to play and explore what you guys will make :slight_smile: Thanks again. This game needed to happen for such a long time now.


Why does this in the kickstarter’s highlights:
● Seamless interplanetary warfare across a procedurally generated, true to scale solar system
Not contain:
● Dozens of planets and moons to explore and fight over

Or even in the descriptive tagline right at the top? Or in What Is Battlescape? Or anywhere on the kickstarter!? :slight_smile: