Why are updates so scarce?

I need something to keep me caring about Infinity. Not to say that I’m going to lose interest, but at least update us on the stuff you’re doing. The new video you released two weeks ago was pretty sweet, I don’t mind if you upload stuff like that just once a month. This is a space sim, but the only spaceships I’ve seen are models. Only the one in the tech demo video actually flies, I’m sure you have accomplished more than this, right? you also said you would be putting up a kickstarter in early 2013. Where’s that?

Well you are wrong, but are right. There have been updates, but for a lurker it might be hard to find them. Programmers Keith and Flavien both share some news through twitter, including updates that the I-Novae artist team does.

The only thing on the official site that has changed since August 2013 is the embedded youtube videos, but that is embedded, which updates automatically.

Some recent updates:

2014, not 2013.

There are also a couple of blogs here:



Not seeing any obvious news since April is rather off-putting for the majority of people wanting to check out the game and how it’s progressing. People who (quite rightly, considering the prominence it has) won’t bother looking for additional official info beyond checking the ‘Latest Blog Post’ on the front page now and then.

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hmm, ok, early 2014. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Yeah, exposure to our updates is quite bad at the moment, due to various technical reasons, but we plan on fixing that soon.

you guys sound like you’re trying to do everything yourselves. Funding aside, is this really the case? Can you not find other talented individuals to join your team, to off-load some of the PR burden?

It’s more of a technical burden than a PR burden. We don’t get to the PR because we’re spending all that time working on the demo for the Kickstarter. We have had 3 programmers join the team over the last 2 years. Two of them were total disasters and the 3rd is doing good work but he doesn’t have much time to devote to the project on a weekly basis. It’s very difficult to find not only talented people - but talented and dedicated at the same time. Our technology has a pretty high barrier to entry for someone to be able to make meaningful contributions. The delay on the website has mostly been because our designer, who is working unpaid in her spare time, took much longer than we had expected. That’s just the reality of not being able to pay people. I got the final design for the company site last week, I’m working on it as we speak. The Battlescape site will follow shortly thereafter.

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I have a high degree of respect for your talent and dedication. There just isn’t very many people out there that can do what you guys are doing. But I think you missed my point with my last post. I was trying to point out that a talented public relations person might be able to carry the message to new corners of the Internet (increasing exposure) while you guys finish up the technical side. Not everyone can program like you do because they lack the sort of natural ability to program at your level. Not everyone can drive market exposure because they lack the certain understanding necessary to execute an awareness and branding campaign. Don’t take that as any criticism by the way, you and Flavien do an exceptional job interacting with your supporters and you’re consistent with that relationship; but I think sometimes very smart people need to be told very obvious things because they’re so focused on doing the smart. I think you guys need help with the marketing. IMO.

I think the issue is they can’t afford to hire anyone to do that PR.

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Indeed. The phrase “You need to spend money to make money” implicitly assumes ones has money to spend.

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Well, I for one have been pushing each update through my own social media circles, as many as possible. The responses that I’ve been getting have been very positive, and it’s my hope that it will have a wider impact on the community and future campaigns.

The truth is, anyone can help the project by spreading the information through their own social media circles / platforms, and with “real world” friends or communities that may find the project interesting. Anything that grows the community now will have an impact when it comes time to launch the Kickstarter.

Hint hint nudge nudge, you know :wink: spread the word, and sing the song of our people across the internets. I’m sure many of you already do… but every bit helps.


A nice T-shirt I could have asked for for X-Mass would have been nice.
A “T” to advertise the Internet location, what I:B is, the Kickstarter and other important information.
I’m sure if just permission was given with oversight and a final OK the community could come up with something good.

ZZZZAP*********** >{00000}P DODGE!!! 30 degrees azimuths!!

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We were trying to get a special content release done in time for Xmas but it didn’t quite happen before everybody had to fly off to visit family. The good news is that things should hopefully start ramping up quickly in the new year =).


I sincerely hope Twitter doesn’t wind up being a primary source for game development updates/info etc.

It’s currently a stop gap while we build out the rest of the website.

Good, because Twitter’s horrible, lol.

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Now is not the time to spread the word about Infinity. The time to do that is when the Kickstarter is launched. People have short attention spans and the tendency to dismiss things they’ve seen before. Spreading the word now is actually likely to diminish the impact of the Kickstarter. A project that seems to come out of nowhere has a lot more impact than one you saw six month ago.

Now is the time to focus on creating the glitz, glamour and razzle dazzle that is what people want to see in a Kickstarter campaign. Release some screenshots and hints to keep the faithful community sweet, but don’t worry about spreading the word right now.

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Yeah, Star Citizen doing all that stuff for extra publicity months in advanced totally killed its Kickstarter project…

Sorry, but I really don’t see how keeping this quiet will help the Battlescape Kickstarter in any way what so ever.

Star Citizen had at first nothing to show.

The problem is that we have inconsitent information piled at differend locations. Not ok to show yet.

Naiba, tell me how you want to prevent stuff like the “… need something to keep caring about this game” without the information that would prevent such situations? If we start spreading the word now all the people will find is a 60% done website, no real information about Battlescape and rumors …