Who will be I-Novae's Music Composer? (2014)

who’s your composer you have? I’m just interested to know. :stuck_out_tongue:

My closest bet would be Paul Chen(Kaiyoti).

After Flavien published the sound contribution document for the Infinity MMO, Paul’s music was highly praised and most closely followed what was writtern in the document. Some say Paul set the tone for future contributions of compositions.

Seems I never downloaded the document only viewed it online, but from what I remember the main call was for orchestral music with at most minimal electronic/techno elements.

At any case the music style might have changed for Infinity:Battlescape.

Thanks for the insight! It probably isn’t Paul Chen, because then they’d want to tell people like you, wouldn’t they. xD


The team page says the composer is Panu Aaltio.


his web site with some of his work

Regarding Paul/Yu ‘Kaiyoti’ Chen. He has re-designed his website and hasn’t uploaded the Infinity: The Quest For Earth album on Soundcloud even though @kaiyoti promised. You can listen to them by using this list that he made:

@Pendrokar Sorry, I’ve been extremely busy with non music related day time job as well as moving recently. I’ve had to make my soundcloud a pro account to be able to hold the music. I may look into a free iTunes album if that makes it easier. The “redesign” was meant to be temporary. The music vault page can still be accessed here:


It does looks like it is Panu Alto, I recall seeing a video of a recording session with Flavien. A fellow musician who I’ve became friends and who also contributed here told me the team the team likely went around asking old contributors to do compose full time.as he was asked as well. I unfortunately wasn’t asked. They probably needed someone who can produce quality tracks, and not just ideas… I lacked the right tools since I couldn’t afford high end libraries coming out of college. All is good. I’m still excited for this project.