Where to find collection of I:B ship pictures (side/top views, size comparisons etc.)?

Hey guys!

I’m looking for pictures of the ships designed so far for I:B. I’m mostly interested in orthogonal views (side, top) and scale comparisons between ships. Have such visualisations been made? And if so, where can I find them?

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:ambulance: Here you go, it’s in this update:

Note that this has the old corvette mesh, affectionately dubbed Cyrano.

Here are some station orthos, with a few ships scattered here and there for scale:

Also, here is Juan’s Sketchfab page, where you can view the models.


Thanks alot!! Especially Jan’s sketchfab site is very useful.

I remember seeing orthogonal views of the Hellion Corvette. I haven’t been able to find those anywhere. Would you or anybody else know where to find those?

I’m planning to make small pixel art of several ships, which I want to use for designing station interiors (taking into account traffic flow). So I’m especially interested in anything in top view :slight_smile:


So I’ve gone through all the weekly updates and I found these neat comparison pictures:

Might be useful for anybody also looking for this stuff :slight_smile:


Just remember, a lot of this stuff is heavily work-in-progress, the final designs might look a fair bit different.