Where are you from

There may have been a map but I doubt it was entirely accurate. I do however remember statistical graphs for a multitude of forum stats. In addition, I miss being able to see who all was logged-in at once upon a single refresh.

Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Right down the harbour from the Halifax, Nova Scotia seen above. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ohio, home of the world’s largest basket.


Brantôme, France

Though I am currently in Paris because of my job.

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Wow, a lot of yurop on this forum.

@lolsparta4: Well, no surprise considering where IA is from. Or maybe us EU citizens are just happier to share? :smiley:

I currently reside in Ulm, Germany.


Earth, Sun solar system, Milky Way Galaxy. http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/images/cassini/20130722/pia17171-440.jpg

A photo of Earth as seen from my vacation to Saturn. I put in an arrow to point out the Earth.


It wasn’t automatic or based on IPs. You went and added a marker where you were from.
Hope we get the old forums soon.

Eskilstuna, Sweden
/insert picture here/

Image inserted


Yellow Knife, Northwest Territories, Canada

/insert image/ (was part of the old forums, but i am new to the new forum so i am unable to post a picture sorry)

Melrose (Small Border Town) Scotland, land of the Brave and soon to be free! (maybe)

Melrose Abbey where Robert the Bruce’s heart is buried

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Where is that basket anyways? I’ve never driven by to see it.

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I’ve never seen this thread before…

Currently in Thousand Oaks, California, US

I took this shot myself last summer while working on my professor’s ranch. The view up there was always fantastic and all the hills are much greener currently due to the bit of rains we’ve finally received over the last month or two. I wish I had a picture of right now, it’s gorgeous(for here).




Also never saw this thread, so may as well…

Perth, Australia


I am in my house by my computer. It is the place where I live.

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Kiel, Germany (view from my window)


lol yeah, that’s a bump.

If you know where Newark is, it’s just east of that litterally right next to 16. Newark is due east of Columbus.

Just east of Columbus. I’ll have to look for that next time.

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