Where are you from?

I was just curious about our global distribution, so I put up a Strawpoll: http://strawpoll.me/5969755

If I’m born in USA, have a german-american citizenship, and live permanently in India, what do I put?


Someone must have a link to that map we had with load of people’s locations on it?



Oh yeah I remember that. Still, I thought a fresh survey might be nice, and it’s really just for a rough indication, not plotting everyone’s location.

im sorry but theres no “Texas” option, which is very insulting since Texas is the greatest country in the world.


Hmm, lots of people from Europe so far :smiley:
Edit: My brain had not woken up at this point as some may have noticed.

Funny that! looks at clock

Oops. That was rather shortsighted of me.

Universe,Laniakea Supercluster, Local Group, Milky Way, Solar system,
Earth, Nothern hemisphere, Europe, The Netherlands.


Local Group before Milky Way.

Northern Germany here (baltic coast).

yeah, just noticed. oopsie.

I’m from Oregon in the United States west coast.

Same deal for me but 5x more complicated. I usually write in Antarctica or some such.

Not wanting to be negative, but the Solar system is kind of hard to find in the whole Milky Way. To the point you could almost make shows or videogames about just that!

Sounds like there should be a “other” option, just in case.

I’m from France, Western Europe.

Silicon Valley, CA! The land of the computer chips! Anyone from nearby???

And/or multiple choices allowed.

hello from Greece…

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UK here! Right in the middle of it, tripping over Robin Hood :smiley:


Lithuania here.

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