What kinds of planets would you like to see?

So far we have a gas giant, an earth-like moon , a mars-like planet and a volcano moon.
since they will be 5 planets, what kinds of planets would you like to see?

My answer is a Venus-like planet, for me is the most interesting planet just behind the Earth, with it’s dense and volatile athmosphere, and the Heat which has even more heat than Mercury’s surface, and the thunder storms as well, even without clouds, having the dense athmosphere would be more than enough


How about planets or moons that have collided and have split in two or 3 parts. Some with hot cores exposed and now cooling with all sorts of fragments inc large diamonds and other unquie formations found under the mantel of the moons/planets, and others just cold fragments still holding close orbits with the split parts.

Making chasing ships through and around these huge fragments whilst dogfighting or hiding, an interesting game play element. Making these areas actually more alive and active than what is offered so far in Star Citizen.


i like the idea but that’s gonna be hard to make with PG unless they handmake that, which would be mindblowing, i mean come on, when do we have a chance to see and actually fly over an astral event like this

Unless they create them so they split apart or other collision based events as the games begin, based on similar rules used for other procedural elements in the solar system. Slightly different each time. Or maybe just slowly active and ongoing to maintain continuity in the solar system. Could maybe just start with a test of two moons splitting apart after colliding. Base it off what we think happened with our earth and how the moon was created after the collision, plenty of science available there to research.

Scaled for different GPU’s (basic, low, med, high, extreme etc)

I would love to see this:

Replicated as close as possible. Its my favorite planet. :smiley:

Right now the mars like planet has way too many craters and it needs lots of smooth plains and even canyons.
Also the color needs to change. Obviously its only a first prototype so I am looking forward to the changes over time.
I modified the files when I had the chance to play the prototype to make it closer to what I think mars looks like.


Unless there have been some radical changes to the planet creation code, this probably isn’t possible. IIRC, last time there was active discussion about the engine’s capabilities, it couldn’t create worlds of arbitrary shapes. Maybe that’s changed, but if it has, the devs haven’t advertised it.

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Oh well, just an idea. Might be worth some time testing on a small scale if it can be done.

I think something like that would require a lot of work, the whole planetary engine would probably be need to rewritten for something like that.
I think an event like that would not offer any gameplay value, since the scale is so gigantic that even a fragment would have the size of an asteroid. Another thing would be the huge gravitational forces that would make manouring imppssible.
When making such a thing it would also be weird if its not animated, I imagine such an event would have billions of particles constantly colliding etc. I think this is not really doable right now with current technology and bandwiths.

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How about a very active and chaotic debris field left over from such a huge collision. Very deadly to fly through. A field of diamonds/ crystals. A bit like that level in Everspace (i think).


How about very thick atmosphere’s, or very low and thick clouds. Making dogfighting more interesting. With scanner upgrades to penetrate thick clouds made of all sorts of particles etc.


I think thats what planetary rings are, we have that already and its fun to fight battles in it. :smiley:

Clouds were a strechgoal for when the kickstarter made some more money, but I hope we’ll see this anyway in the future.

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Way more active I was thinking. More like when Obi-Wan gets into a chase in an asteroid belt outside Geonosis with Jango Fett. Just one very active and deadly asteroid field, where only the really brave dare to fly.

Clouds with some ice structures maybe, more akin to the ice planet in Interstellar. Am just throwing ideas out here.


Warning: Realism-focused talk ahead!

I’d be happy to see this in TQfE, but something like this would actually be devastating for any life-bearing planets in the system. Debris fields that dense aren’t stable, and would regularly send asteroids flying toward the planets.

Which would be awesome to see (or see the repercussions of, if actual collisions aren’t supported), but it would mean giving up the Earth-ish world(s) in the system.


Ok, How about active ice volcanoes across the surface of moons, which have chaotic random eruptions. With debris and ice particles going up into low orbit. Can the game engine do this? I don’t know what it can and cannot do.

Ice moons with very deep crevasses/cracks which one could maybe fly thru. Very sharp jagged sides, very close quarters flying to navigate along them.


I would love to see this, whether they’re ice or stone based worlds. Like Valles Marineris that Playbenni showed above. I’m not sure how different the gameplay would be from the mountain valleys we’ve seen on Purple Earth there in the prototype, though.

I would love to see an ice planet, like Hoth, with caves to fly through to escape enemies.


If you still have the file settings let me know, I can add it for test to the prototype.


Love to see really steep tight canyons. Would take a bit of work but it doesn’t have to be a large planet - even a moon would work:


indeed , only the must skilled pilote can survive hahaha ,that would be EPIC !!!
P.S> sorry for my english


I would like a water world.
Is it possible to dive under water?


A planet like Dagobah with lots of water and a thick atmosphere.

A snowy/icy planet with deep canyons.

Maybe a very small rocky dwarf planet without an atmosphere like Ceres.