What is your favourite spaceship design?

Hey guys,

I would like to know what are you ships or spaceship favorite designs (seen in sf in general, movies, books -even a desscription, games, etc) ?

For me, but I have a really poor culture on SF - why I want to open this discussion :wink: - my favorite design comes from an Hollywood movie : the ship of the artificial intelligences at the end of the movie “AI” by Steven Spielberg. I just find it perfect. I’m desperatly searching for an image on the net but don’t find it for the moment, but it is so awesome. It’s like a lot of super-futuristic modules that move independently and permit to reorganize ship according to the situation I think… it is awesome…

if you have images or little videos I’m interested…

And you ? What is for you the best design you ever seen ?

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Probably not my all time fav, but the first thing I think of is the Homeworld 2 Vaygr Battlecruiser. Those prickly red anti-fighter pulsar/laser shots, the submarine-like missile rack, and that beefy 3-burst Trinity cannon, all go so well with its general predator fish look.

Then again the Hiigaran battlecruiser is just as cool.

You mean the black cube-shaped one?


yes :smiley: love it… the most advanced design I ever seen (according to what I like…)… but also all the little ones that the cube-shaped meet on its road… a lot of ships in the same style that are exploring around it.

Yours totally looks like an awesome big gun :blush: like it

As far as larger ships go, the Terran Federation Corvette Transport will always be one of my favourites:

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awesome thank you !! I screen captured the scene, now uploading on a site to make a gif :smiley: how did you make it so fastly :smiley: ?? well on another hand I just realised that you took screenshots, of course it is faster :wink:

There are a lot of designs i like in different SciFi universes. But my favourites are the ones that appear to be actually functional within the logic/physics of said universe.

E.g. for a space only fighter, the Starfury from Babylon 5 is by far the most believable design i know. From the position of the pilot - ( no need for a seat in zero gravity ) to the cockpit visibility ( pretty much optimized for the human neck ) to the truster placement ( max turn rate around all axis ) to the docking and launch mechanic ( quick, simple, optimized to save space ) it just screams ENGINEERED TO WORK! to me.

Unsurprisingly, i also really like the design of the Battlestars in BSG. Within the logic of the universe they appear highly functional.


I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to stick with muh Higaran BC:

Another design I really liked was the concept flagship, that sadly didn’t make it in game except as a derelict.

Agreed. B5 did an excellent job on design.


Here is my favorite design ever (also my favorite scene on the movie) :


@Arkenbrien I like the last…


That was my only pet peeve watching B5. The final 90 degree spin to launch thru the docking bay doors would give pilots negative G’s. I don’t remember seeing them sitting in their Starfuries long enough to warrant that arrangement; ostensibly so that the pilots were in perceived feet-down gravity from B5’s rotation… That’s if the ships do launch from a rotating part of B5.

As a Star Wars fan, I like a ship that probably doesn’t exist in canon any more!

It was only ever in the expanded universe (Enforcer Picket Cruiser) and a few games, but I liked it as a bite-sized variant of the rather chunky, but classic, Star Destroyer.

I do really like the Colonial stuff from BSG as well :smile:

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I’m surprised not to see an image of this futuristic one yet …

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As mentioned, Homeworld got some sweet designs in my opinion.
For example first mothership. I was fascinated by the different approach and completely different sillhoutte to all other ships I’ve seen before. Of course, it’s not a fighter :smile:


As for bit more fighter-like, something about b5 terran destroyers appealed to me. Probably the hammer-head, looks super aggressive. Although the rest is a bit awkward.

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From smaller ships, Normandy was pretty sleek :smile:

Will think about others.


I hope this qualifies.

If you haven’t seen this yet. http://io9.com/heres-nasas-new-design-for-a-warp-drive-ship-1588948192

From the SciFi world… it would have to be the Enterprise E

my trek is showing…


If somebody didn’t come across this chart, nice comparison of huge ships:


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As a fan for decades - There can be only one ->


Seems I don’t have a favorite space ship, how odd. The first one I ever flew was an older version of the one below, funny enough, don’t even own one in ED.

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the USS Enterprise has an incredible design… it looks like a flying futuristic city…