What is this all about?

Sorry if this seems like a noob question, but what exactly is the purpose of this forum, i cant find much info on either the game engine or infinity? Is there a engine available, is the a game coming out?
The prospect of the various youtube videos looks very interesting id like to know more :smile:


The purpose of this forum is as follows:

1: Hang out. Join the describe the user above in three words game:

Post awesome stuff you find on the internet:

2: See if there are any new blog updates:

Or screenshots:

That pretty much covers why you should hang out here. Were cool, and we don’t bite too hard.

As to the info on the engine, if you read the blogs, you will find that it is still in development. Massive progress has been made recently, and as far as I can tell, the engine is in the final stages of being worked on before the KS. Battlescape is already in the works, with some early assets completed. The Kickstarter video is nearly completed, and we should see the campaign in a few months or so.

Hope that helps!


It’s not often that we get new additions to our community. Welcome. The game engine is probably one of the most amazing I’ve seen, allowing seamless travel through space. Currently, a kickstarter for a game is being worked on, and will be released this year. Then, the majority of development will start. Be sure to check the twitter feeds of the devs for news and screenshots, as well as their youtube channel and development blog.

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Thanks very much for the speedy response from everyone :slight_smile: seems like a very interesting community you have here, and the engine looks very exciting too! Look forward to learning a little more about this!!!


Ark’s reply pretty much sums everything up.

I’m only posting to say welcome to the forums! Hope you’ll like it here.

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Glad I could help!

Welcome to the forums of the most awesome game of the century.


Yeah, welcome to the community!

I think the purpose of these forums can be summed up as “Replace the old forums”. We used to have forums that were more active, and that contained the backlog of all of our discussions and whatnot, but it got hacked. So, what’s here is, at its most basic, a way to keep the community together and informed about the progress toward the game’s Kickstarter, and as a way to interact with the dev team while they march toward that goal.

Plus, I science people. With science.


Yes indeed! As other have said, welcome to the community!

Hi Aaron, you might not be aware that iNovae are also developing a game called Infinity: Battlescape that will be based on their engine.

Now that the development of the core technologies of the engine are reaching a finished state there will be more news about that game and the Kickstarter campaign that will hopefully finance it.

For the moment, most of what we know about Battlescape is summarised in this topic:

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And three words. :wink:

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Thanks everyone for being so open and welcoming :3 im excited to see whats happening soon, i saw the tech demo back in 2011 and had no idea it was still an active project! Very exciting

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